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How Intent Data will boost your Sales [4 Key points]

Intent Signals help sales and marketing peeps iron out and impact prospective buyers who are already exploring services related to what they provide. You can identify optimal touch points and time slots as well as the best points of contact regarding the Topics being...

7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Your Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing can feel incredibly overwhelming on the easiest of days. Some people choose to go old school with their campaign choices with traditional marketing, where other real estate agencies choose to spend some of their marketing budgets on digital...

Inbound Marketing Meaning and How Can It Help Your Business?

More companies are focused on finding cost-effective ways to attract new customers. While many businesses are attached to their go-to traditional marketing strategies, inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead. So do you want to know what inbound marketing means, and...
SMarketing – The Future of Sales and Marketing

SMarketing – The Future of Sales and Marketing

The way people buy has changed. Existing Sales and Marketing approaches are slowly dying out especially with the forced global situation that impacted the core of the entire world of business and how it goes about its operation. Many companies are still focused on...

A Guide to Real Estate PPC Advertising

A Guide to Real Estate PPC Advertising

Are you a real estate agent looking to promote your business online? Are you looking for ways to get your real estate ads on the first Google results page?  Sure, SEO is an important aspect but don’t forget the benefits of a good PPC campaign too. Don’t worry if you...

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