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Converting More Sales – 4 Steps to Implement Predictable Revenue

Selling is the holy grail of any business. A business cannot survive without revenue. Predicting how much you are going to sell can help reduce chaos and allow you to make more confident decisions. Lack of prediction equates to a lack of direction. It means we do not...

Sales Optimization and its Effect on Win Rates

Sales Optimization is crucial to every Sales Department looking to increase win rates. Check out 9 key factors that will bring you and your team closer to acquiring new sales and hitting yearly targets; 1- The Base of Sales Optimization: Your CRM Having a Customer...

Loyalty Points: The Unbeatable King of Relationship Marketing for Retail Businesses

My family are hardcore Spinneys customers. I never understood why until I asked my mother. She told me: “The reason I buy everything from Spinney’s is because the more I buy, the more loyalty points I earn, the more free stuff I can get.”  Interesting. Mum tends to...
The Ultimate Guide to Performing an SEO Audit

The Ultimate Guide to Performing an SEO Audit

How important is it to get ranked on page one of Google's search engine results page (SERP)? The proof is in the pudding: 91.5 percent of organic traffic goes to those websites listed on page one of Google. If your organic search traffic isn't where it should be--or...


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