Grow Your Business with Hovi’s All-in-one Digital Sales and Marketing Solution


Here is what you will get with your free demo and consultation session

  • NA free assessment of your existing digital sales and marketing framework
  • NA deep Dive into the industry's latest techniques and trends
  • NA Sneak peek at Hovi's Grower Sales and Marketing App
  • NA breakdown of our process, how we work and what you can expect
  • NSome predictive leads and sales projections with for your business
  • NQuantified market data for your total accessible market

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What our Prospects say about our Process

Because Hovi’s team has been very attentive and answered all my questions so far.
Sam Dawk


The attention was personalized and customized to our needs. The time granted was very generous, and the brief about the products and services was thorough.
Rania Malas

COO, Antwork

A very experienced team in the SAAS industry among other businesses.I found Hovi’s team to be extremely trustworthy, confident, and strategic from demoing their solution to implementing it

Amer Tabbara

CSO, eComz

Common Questions

A couple of questions answered below with regards to our Demonstration process and what follows, so you know what to expect.

Will I see the Grower App during the Demo?

Absolutely. Throughout our demonstration, you will be able to get a real time view of our Grower App and all the tech stack floating around it, included and not limited to the Custom Intent data that allows you to find out which companies are looking for keywords relevant to your industry.

What kind of Assessment do I get during the session?

As mentioned above, this demonstration session is also a consultation session where we analyze your existing tech infrastructure using our own tools and identify the loopholes you have in your digital tools as well as loopholes in your digital marketing strategy and point them out during the session.

Will I have to answer a lot of questions?

Normally, and to ensure that the demo is tailored to you very specific needs, a Hover Rep will get in touch with you after your request for demo and will ask just a few basic questions regarding your business and the industry in addition to the pain points you have in your business. The call will be 3 to 5 minutes throughout which our Hover Expert will also book a demo slot for you with our Solutions Specialists.

What happens after the Demo, do I get free trial?

We don’t offer free trials at Hovi for the sole reason of the nature of our solution and the products embedded within. It’s not something that you could just plug and play to test. It’s a truly transformative framework that will change the way you operate on both sales and marketing levels. We believe that throughout our demonstrations we will prove and showcase the core solution that you will require to make an informed decision.


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