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A Digital Marketing Automation Software Control Center to change your digital marketing game!

Utilize the Grower Platform to easily track and visualize all your digital marketing automation software. Track your email marketing tools metrics, CRM marketing efforts, website user data and activities. Acquire actionable insights to elevate your lead generation processes.


Activity Dashboard
Customizable Reports
Email Metrics
Interaction Tracking
Lead Management
Lead Scoring
Reporting/ Analytics
Third Party Integrations

Activity Dashboard

Leverage the most powerful Digital Marketing Service transformed into a Platform – The Grower is a Reporting and analytics hub built to optimize your digital marketing efforts, analyze impact and ROI, and simplify the complexities of email marketing tools. 

Customizable Reports

Utilize our Reporting Templates created to bring attention to the most pertinent and actionable of data to simplify your decision-making processes, or easily customize and create your own report to track and analyze your key metrics and online marketing indicators.

Email metrics

Simplify email marketing with campaign templates purpose-built to attract, nurture, and convert. Trace email campaign successes and challenges down to the minutest details, and analyze your email marketing campaigns’ success in real-time.

Interaction Tracking

Leverage the most powerful Digital Marketing automation software transformed into a Platform – Measure key interactions on all your campaigns and paid acquisition activities to analyze how the attribution is taking place. 

Lead Management

Observe leads in your digital marketing funnel in real-time, track funnel stage conversion rates, and visualize the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns to convert leads down through each stage of the marketing funnel towards the sales pipeline.

Lead Scoring

Utilize the Grower’s ever-increasing functionality to leverage accurate, automated lead scoring that will allow you to effectively track leads down through the marketing funnel
and gauge engagement at every touchpoint made. 


Obtain actionable insights on your digital marketing campaigns and quickly and easily refer to pertinent data ready at your fingertips, Use the GrowerApp as your Mission Control to elevate your digital marketing strategy and enhance your lead generation across all facets of your online marketing efforts.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate the GrowerApp into your digital marketing tech stack with absolute ease and stop jumping from platform to platform. Let the GrowerApp be your online marketing control center and swiftly track data across all channels and simplify your lead generation efforts.

Visibility Attained

marketing automation software

Facebook Ads

Create engaging Facebook content, schedule your posts and  campaigns, build meaningful relationships with your community, and track every interaction within the Grower when you connect to your Meta Business Suite.

Google Ads

Easily Access your Google Ad Manager, run and manage your advertising campaigns

Google Analytics

The GrowerApp will pull traffic data from your Google Analytics account and breakdown the data for you to understand exactly how well your online marketing and inbound marketing efforts are pulling in traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Ads

Create engaging LinkedIn content, schedule your posts and  campaigns, build meaningful relationships with your community, and track every interaction within the GrowerApp when you connect to your business’ LinkedIn Account.


Plan, Track, and Visualize the success of your email marketing campaigns and drill all the way down to the smallest details.

More Than

The Grower is more than a collection of finely designed dashboards, it will be your Digital marketing automation software and power your growth exponentially.

Storytelling Analytics

A clear-cut data reporting methodology to easily gain insight on campaign performance

Collaborative Analytics

Utilize data from every point in your online marketing strategy to optimize your lead generation efforts

Real-time Data

Employ the data as it comes in to gain steps ahead and always be aware of current trends

Predictive Scoring

Leverage Big Data and Machine Learning to enhance your lead scoring model and accurately push leads through the funnel

funnel visualization

Funnel Visualization

Effortlessly understand the health of your digital marketing funnel and track leads converting through

AI Performance Analyzer & Insights

Calendar & Content Planning

Marketing Targets & Budgeting

Campaign Runner



Content Management

Amplify your content marketing strategy with a robust content engine to easily track your content creation process. Publish more engaging content at a consistent cadence, collaborate better with your team, and get complete visibility across your content marketing efforts to stay in line with your strategy and achieve your goals.

Grow Your Business substantially,

While Ensuring Your Structure is scalable and efficient

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