Optimize the way

Sales and

Marketing operate

Hovi is the only true end to end SMarketing platform that streamlines and optimizes your entire Marketing and Sales lifecycles.

More conversions, less costs and higher return on investment is what we’re all about.

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    Our Frameworks

    Inbound Marketing

    digital marketing and technology solutions

    The Inbound Framework allows you to construct the utmost SEO infrastructure, and also empowers your business by creating an engaging conversion-oriented website. In addition to building a groundbreaking tracking system that allows you to capture qualified leads in an efficient and sustainable way.

    Through our exceptional business intelligence tool, you will be able to unleash relevant market insights in actionable dashboards to reach your target audience.

    digital marketing and technology solutions

    Outreach Campaign

    The Outreach Framework helps you refine and quantify your target market and ICP’s by leveraging dynamic and powerful mining tools. It helps increase your conversions and optimizes your cost allocation, by running persona and intent-based outreach campaigns.

    This Framework will allow you to have a fully integrated tech stack that will automate your processes and help you optimize your campaigns. Also, it grants you in-depth visibility on your activities, allowing you to make sharp and methodical business decisions.

    Sales Enablement

    The Sales Framework is all about optimizing your team, integrating the proper CRM, and including optimal sales enablement tools to build the ultimate Sales Structure and to optimize your sales lifecycle. 

    Receiving real-time visibility over your sales pipeline and solid sales playbooks to increase productivity and business scalability. Initiate World Class tools, know-hows, training, and support that help you spike sales.

    Global SaaS expertise

    How could Hovi’s framework be the
    biggest driver behind your Growth?

    Our People

    • [Certified Digital Marketers
    • [Expertise in Strategy Development
    • [ Extension of your team & Adoption of your goals
    • [Hands-on Trainings and On-boardings

    Underlying Tech

    • [Best in class Solutions and Software
    • [Fully integrated Tech Stack
    • [Leveraging all Tools
    • [SMarketing Lifecycle Automation

    360 Visibily

    • [Consolidated Data warehouse
    • [Seamless Data flows across departments
    • [Real time Reporting Engine
    • [Predictable Revenue Model

    Implementation Processes

    • [Flywheel approach
    • [Agile implementation
    • [Iterative optimization and approaches
    • [Advanced playbooks and setups

    How could Hovi’s framework be the biggest driver behind your growth?

    Our People

    Certified digital marketers
    Expertise in Strategy Developement
    Extension of your team & Adoption of your goals
    Hands-on Trainings and On-boardings

    Underlying Tech

    Best in class Solutions and Software
    Fully integrated Tech Stack
    Leveraging all Tools
    SMarketing Lifecycle Automations

    360 Visibily

    Consolidated data warehouse
    Seamless data flows across departments
    Real time reporting engine
    Predictable Revenue Model

    Implementation Processes

    Flywheel approach
    Agile implementation
    Iterative optimization and approaches
    Advanced Playbooks and setups

    Ensuring your Business
    grows substantially

    Generate Quality Leads

    Generating enough quality leads for the sales departments can be a huge burden.

    Now add to that a layer of quality. Fortunately, that’s what we do best!

    Convert More Sales

    Converting new qualified sales is now easier and faster than ever.

    Our automations, training, tools, and scripts will allow you to convert sales at a faster pace. 

    Decrease Marketing Costs

    Get rid of useless redundant tools and decrease your spending by 60% using our solutions.

    While increasing conversions by more than 30%!

    Automate Your Demand Generation

    Set your bar high for your competitors to beat, through our latest and most powerful digital tools.

    Also, align your Marketing & Sales lifecycles and, get optimal results by implementing our Frameworks & Ultimate Tech Stack. 

    Augment Attribution Reporting

    We have the Best-in-class industry-leading reporting systems and dashboards that will connect all your data points.

    This gives you a huge advantage as it allows you to track down each generated lead back to a particular activity. 

    Create Brand Promoters

    We design your customer experience around building lasting interactions via automation and generating brand promoters.

    As Influential marketing is more effective and important than ever.

    Hear it from our customers!

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