HubSpot Inbound Marketing: Why You Should Choose HubSpot

Written by Rouba Ghanem

Rouba has worked in Real Estate in the last 6 years and has developed a strong grasp of how to blend latest digital techniques with the Real Estate industry. She is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional from the DMI.

May 19, 2020

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Are you trying to attract more people to your company’s website? You’re not the only one. 61% of marketers consider growing their online presence a high inbound marketing priority.

With the HubSpot inbound marketing platform, you can extend your reach and attract new business!

Here are 10 HubSpot benefits to consider before you start using the platform. With these benefits working for you, you can start stepping up your inbound marketing strategy. Discover the reasons to use HubSpot with this guide!


1. Thought-Leader Expertise

HubSpot’s track record makes the company one of the top thought-leaders in the world of inbound marketing. Their ebooks, blogs, and in-depth guides have helped companies worldwide improve their marketing strategies.

Their 10-plus years of experience have taught them plenty about what works (and what doesn’t). Determining the best methods takes trial and error, which could cause you to waste time and money. Instead, you can rely on HubSpot’s expertise.

Their thousands of happy customers are certainly social proof. Every year, more businesses grow using HubSpot inbound marketing strategies and tools.

HubSpot stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends, too.

When there’s a change to Google’s search ranking algorithm or a new social media platform that emerges, they keep track. With HubSpot’s tools, you have a resource you can trust to take new trends into account. That way, you never have to worry about falling behind your competitors.


2. Training

It’s not enough to just have access to a great tool like the Hubspot inbound marketing platform. You need to know how to use it.

HubSpot doesn’t just give you access to their tools and leave you to fend for yourself.

Instead, they make sure you understand what their tools do—and how to use them. HubSpot offers training sessions, a plethora of guides and videos, and forums so you can understand their tools to the full extent.

They also offer certifications. Once you learn all about inbound marketing and how to use HubSpot’s tools, you can take a test and get certified. This certification allows you to add to your list of qualifications.

With time and training, your certifications can keep you equipped to handle any marketing situation!


3. Ongoing Support

Training is great, but what if you have questions?

It’s normal to have questions, but there’s not always someone around who has the answers. With inbound marketing, you might find the need to make changes halfway through a campaign.

In addition to their training resources, HubSpot also gives you access to their support team.

If you have questions, they can steer you in the right direction. Their customer reps and experts can benefit your business by giving you access to the expertise you need to succeed.


4. Easy Usability

Some platforms are complicated and confusing. HubSpot, on the other hand, was designed with usability in mind.

Their tools are easy to use and access. They’ve also made it easy to access analytics and reports on the spot. That way, you can review the data and make informed changes at any time throughout a campaign.

Other inbound software platforms might seem easier, but that’s where HubSpot’s training comes in.

Once you understand the platform, you can use its features and tools to their full potential. That way, you’re getting everything you can out of it!


5. Automation & Personalization

Imagine sending out an individual email to everyone who subscribes to your mailing list. At first, it might not seem like a lot. However, as your list grows, that becomes a time-consuming chore to deal with.

HubSpot’s inbound marketing tools make automation easy.

You can set up automation to differ based on customer behaviors. With inbound marketing, personalization is key. HubSpot makes it easier for you to differentiate customers based on the awareness, consideration, or decision stage they’re in.

Personalization isn’t just for email marketing, either. You can also add these features to blog posts and website pages. That way, you’re urging visitors toward converting and building trust along the way.


6. Access to a Community

You’re not in this alone! While you get a lot of great support from the HubSpot team, you also have access to an online community of other business owners and marketers, too.

HubSpot gives you opportunities to network, discuss ideas, or ask for help from other marketers just like you.


7. Powerful Analytics

Once you start using the HubSpot inbound digital marketing tools, you can study your results.

HubSpot makes it easy for you to measure the return on investment of your campaigns. The reports can tell you what’s working to increase website traffic, generate leads, and gain conversions. You can also check:

  • Email performance
  • Keyword rankings
  • Page performance
  • Blog views
  • Top personas
  • Where visitors are coming from

Analytics can help you make informed decisions for improving your campaigns.


8. Sales & Marketing Align

A customer relationship management (CRM) software brings sales and marketing together. United, you can determine the best opportunities to nurture your visitors, increase leads, and maintain customers.

From identifying prospects to studying the buyer’s journey, HubSpot makes uniting your sales and marketing teams easy.


9. Easy Integration

82% of business owners, marketers, and salespeople lose up to an hour daily managing different systems.

These systems can include emailing platforms, social media accounts, WordPress, and even a separate CRM. HubSpot brings it all together, making your life easier.


10. It’s All-in-One

An effective inbound marketing strategy requires you to create landing pages, forms, call-to-actions, send emails…it’s a long list. HubSpot’s tools make it easier to manage everything at once.

Then, you can use the analytics to watch how prospects flow from one location to the next.

Instead of spreading yourself thin, you can use HubSpot’s all-in-one tools. By combining the entire process into one workflow, you can determine the best places to make improvements through the buyer’s journey.


Marketing That Hits the Spot: 10 Reasons to Choose HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Bring it inbound! With these 10 benefits of choosing HubSpot inbound marketing tools, you can grow your business with even more efficiency.

Get in touch with us today for a free inbound marketing consultation.

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