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No hidden costs. No hooks. Clear and Concise pricing methodology that fits your size and growth plans. And with the ROI we generate, we believe it will be one of the smartest investments you’ll have made. 


Always know what you’ll pay for.
A tested methodology that delivers Results.



PER MONTH (Paid yearly)

An effective dynamic
digital outreach solution.

  • Leads Mining
  • ZMarket Intelligence

    We use latest industry market analysis. to quantify your TAM, SAM and SOM and determine your exact market share. 

  • ZICP Definition

    Based on our regressive analysis of your data and the market dynamics, we define your Ideal Customer profile in terms of explicit details. 

  • ZPersonas Generation

    Defining implicit, explicit and psychographic informartion about your target market is not an easy task. We set this up for you and link each persona to every campaign.

  • ZProspects Sourcing

    Our updated and daily treated database of contacts utilises 3 of the most renowned data sources in the world in addition to our own team of growth hackers.

  • ZContacts Enrichment

    After generating the segmented persona-based lists, we then enrich the data we have about these prospects to ensure. we are touching on all areas of their implicit and behavioral information.

  • ZGrower App

    Hovi’s own developed software named “Grower” will act as the mission control that ties all the tools together and gives you visibility on every operation you’re executing within the framework

  • Outreach Lifecycle
  • ZEmail Marketing & Lead Scoring

    Now that the data. isall set and ready, we develop an outreach email campaign based on conversion rates best practices.

  • ZSMS/Whatsapp Outreach

    Upon engagement from prospects, we instantly utilize the SMS and Whatsapp channels to complete the loop of the campaign and nurture them further.

  • ZAds Retargeting

    We reach out to our potential buyers before they even come to us, and then we close the cycle on them with a very well measured and studied framework that includes retargeting mechanisms.

  • ZConversational Bots

    Our conversational smart bots are interactive and designed to qualify and convert prospects into actual leads. 

  • Z8+ tools for the outreach tech stack

    As part. ofthe offerm you will get access to tools that are integrated such as persona generator, automation management, dashboarding tool, CRM etc…

+ $15,000 Implementation & Onboarding



PER MONTH (Paid yearly)

Perfect for growing
businesses of all sizes.

  • Inbound Framework
  • ZWebsite Redesign

    Rebuild your entire website or facelift your existing one to ensure it’s completely set in terms of lead capturing and SEO best practices. We integrate with the world’s best dynamic page builder that allows you to take control of all web visuals yourself. 

  • ZAutomated Link Building

    As part of our Grower app, we have an algorithm built to go after websites with high domain authority that are part of your industry’s ecosystem and exchange with them organic listings.

  • ZFeatured Snippets Generator

    Featured snippets are the latest Google search results format for information served organically. Each of your webpages will be set up to generate a featured snippet conforming to Google’s best practices.

  • ZAdvanced SEO Infrastucture

    No need to go all technical here. The goal? Simple. Get you on the top 5 rankings in your industry’s most used keywords. We have a 90% success rates doing that so far with all of our clients.

  • ZSmart Language Scaler

    The automated AI language scaler we integrate with will crawl your website entirely and using Google Native Language Machine Learning API (NOT Google Translate) to convert your content into any language while maintaining the context of your words. Thereafter, your copyrighter could easily access the web interface and change any translations right from the visual editor. Too easy…

  • ZLanding Pages Redefinition

    Our Success Managers will use their previous experiences working with companies like Hubspot and Digital Marketing Institute to restructure your landing pages in such a way that ensures maximum conversion. 

  • Lead Capturing
  • ZAssessments & Quizzes

    Our tools will allow you to generate assessments and quizzes which are some of the most converting tools on the web today. And our team will help you design the content based on your industry and specific use cases.

  • ZToll-Free Webcalling

    Another highly converting tool, is a free webcalling functionality that is connected straight to your sales team’s phone numbers. A couple of questions to qualify the prospect and it’s right in your sales people’s incoming calls.

  • ZROI Calculators

    Hovi’s Grower App will allow you to build complex or simple web based ROI calculators that will show your prospects exactly what they will be getting after spending a given amount of money with you.

  • ZPersona-Based Campaigns

    Search and Display optimized low-costs campaigns based on users’ custom intent and in-market audience will be sought after as part of our lead nurturing approach. 

  • Z15+ tools of the inbound tech stack

    As part of the subscription, you will habve access to a dozen of tools available to you from within Hovi’s Grower App.

+ $25,000 Implementation & Onboarding



PER MONTH (Paid yearly)

The Ultimate Digital
Marketing & Sales Framework.

  • Everything in Outreach & Growth PLUS
  • Sales Framework
  • ZCRM Setup & Activation

    Hovi’s Success Managers will setup the CRM with the right infrastructure, tools, and automations needed. 

  • ZSales Lifecycle Definition

    We identify your lead staging and lifecycle and apply them to the CRM automagically. We also layer your sales team structure in a way that is scalable and setup for growth. 

  • ZSMarketing Handoffs

    A mechanism of integration between the Sales and Marketing teams will be created and maintained with SLAs signed for both parties.

  • ZProspecting Playbooks

    From the BDR Scripts to the qualification and demonstration playbooks, we do it all and set it up for you and train your team on it. 

  • ZBANT Definitions

    We define your BANT criteria and requirements to move opportunities to a qualified stage. 

  • Sales Conversion
  • ZAutomates Sales Nurturing

    Throughout the sales process, our systems ensure that recurring touches in the context of the ongoing conversations are taking place to further ready the prospect to sign.

  • ZProposals & Contracts Automation

    Your proposals will be beautiful and automagically generated from your CRM. And so will be your contracts that can be signed online and triggered from the CRM as well. 

  • ZCalls Tracker with Local Numbers

    No hardware, no complex installations. We will activate a software that connects to your existing sales phone numbers to capture calls and log them in the CRM. Outgoing calls will also appear under your current existing number wherever you are in the world.

  • ZSales Pitches Flashcards

    Each persona will have an entire set of sales flashcards that handles objections, reactivation, relationship creation etc… 

  • Z30+ tools for an entire digital tech stack

    All the tools you need for the digital sales and marketing transformation and optimization will be available and controllable from Hovi’s Grower App. 

+ $35,000 Implementation & Onboarding

Not sure which Plan suits you most?


Call our Team for Advice
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Our On-boarding Rocks!

With a group of experts who “been there, done that”, our Implementation team consists of Project Management Professionals who have a knack for setting up digital solutions and technology while keeping a close eye to the business processes empowering them. They know exactly what needs to be done not only to tie all the framework together, but to also train you and your team to master your own journey. 

What does it include?

Setup and Integration of Hovi’s Grower App
A real Smarketing solution
An AGILE and holistic approach
One on One Training Sessions
Weekly Sprints Planning
Daily Huddles


Frequently asked questions


Our customers need to buy the implementation and onboarding service to get started the right way in your sales and marketing digital transformation. Digital marketing and sales is about much more than just using a bunch of tools to grow your business; it’s about transforming your operation to deliver a product that people love. That becomes a much easier ask when you are guided by our passionate team of certified experts who will not only set you up, but will also give you the keys to the kingdom so you can run it yourself.


Alongside the 30+ tools that are included in your package as part of your subscription, you will also have access to Hovi’s Mission Control Grower app which will allow you to control and manage the entire framework and all the integrations of each tool within the tech stack. In addition, our Growth Managers will be spending time every day looking at ways to grow your business based on your metrics and market dynamics and will run weekly sprints with you to attain your numbers.


Our contracts are billed annually by default. We’ve found that customers who commit to a full year of using our services will find gradually better results as the course of the year goes on.  Our goal is not a 3 months success metric increase, but rather an on-going long term growth plan that is actually reflected with this particular point. However, please ask Hovi’s Salesters for your payment plans and facilities. 


Depending on the package you are subscribed to, our implementation normally takes anywhere between 1 to 3 months. Following a 1 month buffer time post-implementation, you will instantly start seeing measurable results in terms of growth in leads and sales thereafter. During our sales process, we transparently show you a timeline of the results that we commit to throughout and after the implementation plan.


While our contract does not entail a “Cancel for convenience” clause, we do have specific list of reasons that will allow you to break the contract, one of which, and most importantly, is in the case of our inability to deliver on the results we committed to during our sales process. We also offer a liability clause and insurance coverage for larger contracts that are longer than 1 year and that include custom professional services.


We accept online payments via Paypal or a normal credit card. For larger payments, we prefer bank transfers.


1 Month prior to the expiration of your subscription, our Growth Manager who’ll have been coordinating with you and your team closely throughout the entire year will sit with your decision making unit and assess the year in its entirety. You will then evaluate the results, and hopefully with a positive outcome you will want to renew for an additional year or two.

We’re More than just tools

Hovi’s Support are heroes!

Our Support team does not consist of automated email responses on a Helpdesk that we’ve set up. You will never be alone in your journey. The Hovers support and projects teams which consists of Certified Digital Marketing experts will always be available to answer your questions, help you learn and execute the Hovi methodology, and make sure you’re getting the most out of the solution. We also develop help documentation, educational resources, and training videos just for your team. 

What does it include?

Phone & Email Support
Helpdesk & Playbooks Documentation 
Live Training Sessions

“We needed Hovi’s help, but we didn’t expect this!”

Initially we didn’t know what to expect. We were just over our $4M funding round and needed a lot of work to lay the right foundation for a scalable business. It would be fair to say that we’re astonished with the results Hovi is delivering so far.
Rudy Bekerejian, CEO at eComz

“We Tripled the number of leads in our pipeline!”

One of the key things we were focused on before engaging in a contract with Hovi was the idea of not wanting to work with an agency that will run our online campaigns and tell us things we don’t know. We wanted numbers, and numbers we got. 
M. Sammac, CEO at Ohana Hills

“they thrive to do everything the right way”

I’ve worked with some of Hovi’s team members for years now and I can easily say that they are the best in the business. They know what they’re doing, and most of all, they thrive to do everything the right way.
Fadi Ganni, Chairman at Morgan International


Join The Digital Revolution

Our mission is to change how digital marketing and sales are operated throughout the entire region. With all the digital techniques and progression taking place, the only way forward is a disruptive way that brings the world renowned digital methodologies at the forefront of how companies operate. The entire scope of business is changing rapidly and sooner than we think, many of the traditional businesses will become OBSOLETE. 

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