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Hovi’s Grower App

Our state of the industry revolutionary Grower App allows you to literally handle the entire sales and marketing lifecycle.
Starting with collecting Market Data and Insights, building your buyer personas based on actual intelligence, defining your sales and marketing targets off of automatically calculated market size, executing AI suggested marketing campaigns that will actually convert, building lead capturing tools using the world’s most loved visual builder, and executing the right sales structure and strategy including number of calls and meetings required by each sales person to hit your targets. It’s SMARKETING disruption here and Now, and we’re only warming up. 


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Capture Intent Data

Have you ever heard of Intent data? Well, we integrate with one of the most powerful data providers in the world that not only allows you to generate buyer personas that fit your criteria to a T, but it also notifies you when your Ideal Customer Profile is searching for any keyword related to your business. Yes, this technology tracks the intent data of prospects roaming the internet and lets you know it’s time to act. Note that we will notify you about the search on a company level, and provide you with the Decision Makers data . 


State of Inbound 

The state of Inbound Marketing with the Grower App is taken to a whole new dimension. Regressive analysis per industry is utilized to identify the best converting lead capturing tools and mechanisms and are applied automagically to your lead magnets.  

Market Insights Unleashed

Our business intelligence tool will collect all relevant data such as Total Accessible Market
, Serviceable Available Market (SAM)
, Serviceable Obtainable Market (SAM), 
YOY Market Growth, 
Average Customer Value
, in addition to Pain Points per Industry to paint a clear picture of what your OKRs (Objective and Key Results) should be whether on the marketing or sales side.

Core Features

Some of the core features of the Grower SMarketing App tie directly into the marketing and sales results. 

Automated Link Building

Our algorithm is built to engage websites with high domain authority that are part of your industry’s ecosystem and exchange with them organic listings.

Personas Generator

 Flashcards summarizing each of your buyer personas with actual behavioral analysis and progressive profiling will be at the core of all your sales and marketing teams’ activities. 

Telephony Tracking & Transcripts

Mask your existing sales phone numbers into our telephony solution and keep track of recorded phone calls your team is making whether it’s connected, busy or went to voicemail. 

Automated Proposals

Your entire sales process will be automated starting with your product demo presentations to your proposals generated with beautiful web-based tokenized templates.

Actionable Insights

Stunning Dashboards

Our amazing state of the art dashboarding engine utilizes Segment and Databox frameworks to connect all the datasets in one smooth visual.

No Vanity Metrics

We only focus on what matters. Instead of convoluting your dashboards with vanity metrics and data that will confuse you rather than guide you, we keep it simple and actionable. 

ROI Tracking

At core of all the reports in the dashboard is the ROI formula that will give you the utmost attribution mechanism based on the sales qualified lead’s last interaction before it dropped into the funnel. 

Artificial Intelligence Guide

As our infrastructure is connected. to hundreds of thousands of datasets, our Machine Learning based reporting engine will provide you with suggestive actions based on what works best in your industry, location, and for the budget you have. 



Automated outreach workflows with multiple touch-points designed according to best practices in email deliverability and open rates. Outreach is particularly useful for Account-Based Marketing and with our marketing automation tools integrations, the lifecycle will include emails, SMS, physical postcards and personalized videos.

Our data generator connects to your ideal customer profiles and buyer personas and it cross-checks 3 different world renowned datasets including our own curated regional database.
PS: We’re GDPR compliant as we send useful handy content to professionals.



Preset email templates, sales qualification scripts along with various Sales Playbooks will be accessible through the platform to make your sales people’s lives easier.

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