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Hovi is a one of the leading marketing companies in Lebanon. With rich expertise in all-things-digital. We offers a host of services ranging from Website Development to Email Marketing. From setting your brand’s social media to helping it covert the target audience. We work with you from the start all the way till the end. Our digital solutions help our clients attract, interact, engage and convert the potential customers who eventually become your brand’s organic promoters.

Website Services


With a comprehensive approach, we’ll cover everything from coding to website design and content. With our expertise in web development, we’ll help you reach the top.

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Did you know? 38% of the visitors leave the website because of unattractiveness, 48% feel that layout adds credibility to a business, 44% leave if they don’t see a Contact Information.

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Online Marketing


More than 67,000 searches are performed every second on Google. 93% of all user experiences begin with search engines thereby making it an area to conquer.

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59% of marketers believe that email marketing is the most effective way of communication. 56% of the brands using emojis in their subject line saw a higher open rate.

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From setting up your brand’s social media profile to marketing your brand to achieve awareness and converting your target audience, success is just a click away.

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Though the average CPC is only about 2%. With effective marketing, you can increase this number to up to 8%. With our expertise in PPC, sky is the limit for your brand.

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With an effective content marketing strategy, not only will a user last for more than 6 seconds but will help promote your content.

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Digital Services


With an extreme emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction, most brands fail to capitalize on the potential of marketing their brand. That is where we fit in.

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Suffering from stagnant conversion rate? On the lower-side? With Hovi’s CRO, you can fix it long-term and improve improve the overall value of your website.

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Inbound marketing emphasizes on creating quality content which aligns with potential buyers’ interests, followed by distribution through online channels.

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With OPA, you can get answers to questions such as your search engine presence, consistency of your brand’s presence and general outlook towards your brand.

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A Pool of Marketing Experts


Our pool of marketing experts work put everything they have to lead your brand towards success. They don’t work for your brand but with your brand as if they are an active part of it. With in-depth knowledge and vast experience, our team of experts put together a tailor-made strategy which suits your brand and drives amazing results.

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