The only TRUE Digital SMarketing Platform in
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We provide a transformative digital platform in Sales and Marketing enabling your business to grow, and most importantly to scale.

The SMarketing Framework Solution

Our methodology is used by global leaders in the digital marketing world. We are not testing, experimenting or applying a marketing strategy or technique. We have turned the most powerful end-to-end Sales and Marketing framework into a platform, based on experience, expertise and global case studies. Our platform will grow your business substantially while ensuring your structure is scalable enough to extend efficiently.

Generate Better Leads

Our lead generation techniques varies from growth hacking techniques, to lead mining and many more.

Enable Sales Teams

Our sales enablement infrastructure contains playbooks and much more.

Setup your Content Engine

A content engine needs a story, and a story needs a storyteller. Hovi is your storyteller.

Determine Scientific Targets

We utilize your data, market intelligence, and many formulas to project accurate targets.

Convert More Sales

Our programs equip your sales engine with the right processes, frameworks and content needed to increase conversions.

Automate Marketing

Conditional workflows for your marketing automations are our bread and butter.

Improve your Tech Stack

Our framework implementation includes many of the best most proven tools in the world.

Learn the Latest Digital Techniques

Attend training from our team of certified trainers from Digital Marketing Institute.

A transformative solution to complex sales & Marketing problems.

Our methodology is tested, proven, and work effectively all over the world and particularly in Latvia where you operate.
We take your entire sales and marketing infrastructure, analyze it, decompose it and reframe its pillars to come up with the ultimate SMarketing engine which will set you up for exponential growth at scale. More leads, less marketing spending, and higher return on investment is the game we play.

We Build the Framework

We use sciences, regressive analysis, and lifecycle framing 

There is a method to the madness. We don’t just jot down strategies filled with embellished words and digital marketing keywords like some agencies do, we actually use regressive analysis to reverse engineer your workflows based on actual data, and come up with a complete inbound and outbound sales and marketing solution that fits your operation, and that ensures you are well set to grow and scale.

We always come out on top

Our talented team will always work relentlessly

From Beirut, London, Paris and Chandigarh, the Hovers don’t take NO for an answer. We believe that there is always a way to get to the goals we set, and with the right approach and mind frame we will always come out on top. We might take a dip, lose a round -so to speak- but we always find a way to regain momentum and drive the projects we undertake to the finish line, successfully.

We’re Unique and We Like it

We act as an extension of your team and adopt the goals you have

Our goals as an organization are tied to your success. We also want to practice what we preach and thus it is only natural for us to adopt the very goals you set forth for your business, and help you carve the right energy needed in order for it to be motorized. That can happen through coaching, internal promoting, or even positive team reinforcement. We become your ammo in the battle of growth. Because that’s what everything comes down to, eventually.

“My entire team was doubling productivity by the end of the first month!”

I have never worked with such a professional and business savvy team ever before. I truly believe the talent that Hovi has is second to none and is unparalleled in the MENA region. Highly recommend their services.
M. Sammac, Ohana Hills, CEO

We believe in values. Real tangible operational values that we will be held accountable to.

Our commercial values are the pillars by which we evaluate our own teams and identify whether or not we are attaining our customers’ objectives to the best of our abilities.
We want to be benchmarked against these values in every activity and/or project we undertake.


Our dasboarding system is designed in such a way that every question you might have on the progress and outcome of the framework will be accessible to you at any time without needing to go through any hassle or friction on our side.


We want to help you acquire more customers at a lower cost just as much as we want to delight them. Turning them into promoters is the cheapest  way to acquire more customers for a lower cost.


Doing things right. To be the best, you have to beat the best, and the best is blessed baby let’s go. 
We want to do the right things, but we also want to do them right. Agile sprint based approach is how we execute goals.


Yes. Doing things is good. Doing lots of things is even better. But doing lots of good things in the cleanest, fastest and smartest way is one of our cores of operation. We don’t just want to deliver. We want to deliver the most, the smartest.


To grow you need more sales. To convert, you need the right people, playbooks and enough leads. To generate leads you need the right approach and marketing framework. Well, that’s what we do.


How will you operate if you hit your goals and overachieved your targets? Will you have the right structure and enough capacity that can withhold the increasing need of attending to more leads, more sales, or even more brand promoters? 

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

The traditional world of sales and marketing is coming to an end. Maintaining a social media campaign, building a good enough website… all those will no longer cut it in the new age of digital.
See how the Hovi Solution will digitally transform your business while improving your sales and marketing results.


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This 5 minutes free dynamic digital Marketing assessment will help you understand exactly where you stand vis-a-vis the world’s best inbound marketing and sales practices.

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