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We believe that people are the most important element of our value proposition. We’re in the Tech world and building a team of really successful winners, free of any sorts of internal or external politics, and focused on growth and personal development is the secret recipe to building a business that can disrupt the world of Sales & MarTech.

We believe
in our people!

We love seeing talented people reach their full potential, and most importantly, we love knowing that our clients enjoy working with us every day.

Our Values

to transparency

As individuals, we view transparency as a lifestyle of authenticity & honesty that we aim to default to at all times. As a team, we view transparency as an effective way to ensure progress and establish a culture of trust.


We regularly stop and demonstrate gratitude for our circumstances and the situation we are granted. We are also thankful for our customers and approach customer conversations with the knowledge that it’s a privilege to service them.


We are biased toward action and have a higher expectation of ourselves and of our product than others have of us. We aim to be fully engaged in our work and activities, and fully disconnected when we’re not working all the while we are continiuously working hard to stay on top of what’s new in our industry.

Aim for perfection
to reach excellence

We want to do the best we can in any task we undertake. We aim for the highest possible outcome so that even if we didn’t reach that, our output level is still high enough to be considered excellent. We don’t believe in low quality deliverables. Quality is very important to us and we reflect this in every single step in our product, sales or delivery process.


We strive to approach things in a positive way while realizing all emotions are valid. We avoid non-constructive criticism of team members or customers and always aim to focus on the half full of a glass.


We believe the act of introspection is where true learning and life-changing adjustments originate. We approach discussions intentionally and think through all angles. 


We consider the bigger picture, knowing our work goes beyond ourselves. We are not afraid of the less-traveled path if it holds true to our values and betters the world. We don’t wait for the problem to take place, but we go after the problems before they actually occur with a solution oriented mindset.

Meet the dream team

Bob Sabra

Chief Executive Officer

Rouba Ghanem

Customer Success Director

Yasmine Mohaydali

Web Designer

Joanne Nassar

Customer Success Manager

Tamara Tarabey

Creative Director – Team Lead

Marina Avedikian

Operations Manager

Gaelle Fares

Customer Success Manager

Ahmad Dirani

Sales Director

Dany Fawaz

Project Managers – Team Lead

Rami El Hajjar

Content Executive

Elie Ibrahim

Customer Acquisition/Growth Specialist

Marybel Hatem

Customer Acquisition – Team Lead

Marianne Boulos

Conversion Optimization Specialist

Mohamad Chehade

Solution Engineering – Team Lead

Christina Homsi

Project Manager

Rayan Ramadan

Business Development Representative

Peter Hilmi

Digital Content Producer

Mariam Zaidan

Marketing Executive

Marc Abi Hanna

Financial Controller

Dima Chaalan

Project Executive

Karen Mallak

Paid Ads Specialist

Ali Harake

Software Engineer

Dharmendra Pundir

Software Engineer

Queen Helou

Reporting Specialist

Elsa Chemaly

Marketing Executive

Celine Younes

Software Engineer

Ahmad Taleb

Software Engineer

Georges Yaacoub

Software Engineering – Team Lead

Haidar Ali Nehme

Software Engineer

Ahmad Traboulsi

Software Engineer

Mohamad Al - Abbar

Software Engineer

Our Therapist

We believe in mental health as much as we believe in KPIs and OKRs if not more. A stable healthy mind provides room for happiness and happiness can lead to better productivity.  Rachel is a licensed psychotherapist who works as a university student counselor working with young adults on issues of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, PTSD, relational difficulties, and self-esteem. She is trained in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing) among many other things!

Our Coach

Instilling healthy working habits and developing growth plans for our people are things that we’re fully invested in.
With Gerard, a John Maxwell Certified Professional Coach that has a wealth of experience in providing coaching programs for corporates, we work on a list of improvement areas for ourselves and follow-through on each one of them as we progress through our ProPlus plans. 

In addition to his Certification, Gerard has a Master in Finance and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Management.


Our Story in Numbers


Europe, MENA


We’re growing fast & plan to triple this number by 2021

Million USD

Will be our company valuation by end of 2024.

1 Vision

Hovi stands for Honest Vision which is really what we have for a dream of breaking through a globally competitive landscape and disrupt the Sales and Marketing frameworks while working with the greatest pool of talent, and having fun every step of the way.

3 Missions

Change the way sales
& marketing operate around the globe.

Become the employer
of choice for local talents wherever we are.

Revolutionize sales &
marketing frameworks using AI,
ML & a predictable revenue model.

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