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Beirut’s leading Tech Hub interviewed Hovi’s CEO, Bob Sabra, for an inside look at the culture being built at Hovi, and try to find an answer to the burning question: Does a 4-day work week really work?

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Hackernon interviewed our CEO Bob Sabra after Hovi Digital Lab was voted the #1 Best Start-up in Lebanon! Take a look at Bob’s approach to putting employees first and how that can help businesses succeed and grow.

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Databox, the #1 Business Analytics Platform, mentioned and included Hovi in its list of the best SEO Agencies that it recommends. That’s right, Hovi, just as a little start-up, was reaching its incredible potential.

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Awards & Accolades

Voted #1 Startup in Beirut, Lebanon in 2021

Our SEO Frameworks were voted to be #18 in the world