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Fully Integrate Your Sales and Marketing Supercharge your tech stack with Tray, the world's leading integration platform, and simplify your software integrations , streamline your data flow between sales and marketing, and ease data management.

Fully Integrated Marketing and Sales Tech Stack

Supercharge your tech stack with Tray, the world’s leading integration platform, and simplify your software integrations, streamline your data flow between sales and marketing, and ease data management.

Technologies We Use

Equip yourself with the best-in-class technological infrastructure to focus on driving your growth and gain 360 visibility on your sales and marketing activities to optimize and increase conversions.

Build. Connect. Convert.


Access our Content Engine and easily collaborate on a highly customizable and easy-to-use platform to reach ambitious outcomes.

Google Analytics

Hovi uses Google Analytics to derive rich insights into your website’s traffic and track marketing effectiveness.


An easy-to-use, customizable, and powerful Ecommerce platform to easily transform your online retail activities.


Easily automate your marketing activities and score every lead interaction through the entire marketing funnel.

The best-in-class integration platform used to easily connect your entire tech stack together and streamline your dataflows.


Leverage one of the world’s largest statistical portals specialized in market & consumer data covering over 60,000 different topics.

Google Ads

Use Google’s Online Advertising Platform to get in front of potential customers looking for your solution.


Utilize Hubspot’s CRM to track & visualize your sales activities, automate outreach tasks, and visualize the entire sales pipeline.

Linkedin Ads

Engage the Community of Professionals to generate leads, website traffic, and build brand awareness on the world’s first professional social platform.


A Cloud-based analytics tool that will allow you to easily track your KPI progression in real-time and generate actionable reports to make data-backed decisions.

Google Analytics 4

Track a single user’s entire journey and leverage machine learning to reveal insights on the whole customer journey across multiple platforms and devices.


The leading, GDPR-compliant, business information database that provides a wealth of knowledge for the growth departments to hit sales solution.

Build. Connect. Convert.

Don’t see the integration you’re looking for?

Streamline Your Data Flows


Create an automated, seamless push for qualified leads from your marketing automation into your CRM and eliminate your team’s time-consuming admin work.


Track your lead’s journeys from start to finish and follow up on their progression after converting from MQL to SQL.


Easily integrate your tech stack using its open API and create a seamless tech infrastructure.

Tool Agnostic

Plug and play your tools with ease through our integration platform powered by to have your solution tailored and customized to your preference. All you need is an open API and a preference. Leave integrating it to us.

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