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Disaster Recovery Plan

Worst-case scenarios. They’re never the best. Proactively prepare for these scenarios with night backups of customer data in addition to real-time replication on a mirror system. Back-up stores are tested weekly to ensure data integrity.

Password Management Platform

Safeguard passwords with leading, secure password management software built on a zero-knowledge security model. Use AES-256 encryption to secure data at the device level before syncing the encrypted data with Transport Layer Security.

ISO Certified Tools

Implement ISO-Certified software and tools. Our entire tech stack, ranging from our proprietary GrowerApp to the separate tools we integrate, meets ISO Standards.

GDPR Compliant

Committed to compliance with the G.D.P.R., we are always ready and willing to have an in-depth conversation about our approach to G.D.P.R. & Trust. Please reach out to us to receive our Privacy, Terms and Conditions Policies.

Integration Hub

Mission-Critical Workflows require Mission-Achieving Integration. Our round-the-clock team of engineers ensures the Platform’s health and availability. The Platform itself has automatic, built-in back-ups and we store past iterations of our customers’ business logic to revert ‌to if ever necessary.

Application and Data Security

In order to protect customer data, we’ve used several layers of security & placed stringent security policies in accordance with industry best practices:

  • [Customer data is isolated and any authentication and transfer is done via SSL encryption.
  • [Firewalls built to counter unauthorized connections.
  • [Role-based access control for data & application access.
  • [Industry-leading, third-party security scanning services to running daily audits of external-facing infrastructure to identify any security threats.

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