Hands-On Implementation for
Hands-Off Operations

Easy Access

Live access to your Project Management Office (PMO) to easily track project development in real-time, get milestones updates, timeline advancement, and task progression.

Real-Time Tracking

Track project team exertion & effort in real-time on our Project Management tool, and gauge the time and efforts spent on each of the tasks that have been planned alongside the way tasks are allocated, completed, and moved along the project staging lifecycle.

Detail the Details

Everything we speak, we write. Everything we do, we document. Acquire a complete breakdown & analysis of every deliverable we provide you with on a team Wiki where all the detailed operating procedures we set up live.

Hunt & Gather

Enable your team with purpose-developed playbooks & flashcards for the various operational scenarios alongside the marketing tools and content assets needed to better nurture your prospects & close more deals.

Your Team

Obtain an experienced project team composed of a Certified Digital Marketing Professional holding a PMI Certification to lead project implementation and get you to the start line. Once live, a Customer Success Manager dedicated to you and your company will take over and start

executing the strategy to achieve the set out Objectives and Key Results. The CSM will be empowered by a large team of industry specialists including Content, Technology, Research, Acquisition and Design that will be dedicated to meeting & exceeding your goals.

Reporting Engine

Acquire a command & control center of data reporting with our Grower app to easily view, analyze, and gather insights on all the activities we’ve completed.


Instantly access our project team over Slack with a group channel dedicated to you. Submit tickets and tasks directly to our support center, and adopt the agile methodology of operation with our weekly sprint meetings to address any new requirements & remain up-to-date with your team’s activity.

Trainings & Onboarding

Have your teams on-boarded and trained on the new tech stack and processes we introduce with live, expert-led training sessions to flatten the learning curve, upskill your team, & minimize transitionary adoption time.

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Get Better Results.

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