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Focused Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team focuses on ensuring your business’ growth.

Hear from our clients about Hovi’s Customer Success team and check out how Hovi’s SMarketing Frameworks have helped their businesses grow.

Ohana Hills | Outreach, Inbound, and Sales

How Ohana Hills Achieved a 240% ROI After Implementing Our Frameworks.

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Ohana Hill's Story

Ohana started with Hovi’s Inbound Framework and never looked back. Here’s their journey.

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Karim Khoury

“I came to Hovi with an idea, and myself. We’ve been working together for 5 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the infrastructure they helped me build. It’s literally a state-of-the-art engine that will set me up for growth. I’ve looked all around the world for such a solution and Hovi was the right one for us.”

Andrew Piechowiak

Partner Coordinator
“I have been working with various companies, individuals over the last three years on marketing but The Hovi’s team have stood above the rest as they have unique method and approach. I have loved their openness, transparency, and commitment to listening to their Customers.”

Hussein Salem

Project Manager
“What impresses me the most at Hovi is their amazing team and culture. They are professional, knowledgeable and always make you feel as part of your own team.

I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to grow their business”

Meet Some Of Your
Customer Success Team

Rouba Ghanem

Customer Success Director

Rouba is a Certified Digital Marketer and leads our Customer Success Teams to ensure your company’s growth. She carries over five years of Digital Marketing & Leadership experience, driving teams to exceed their goals and accelerate business growth.

Rouba will be the driving force behind your SMarketing Engine’s to consistently deliver growth.

Dany Fawaz

Project Manager

Dany is a Certified Digital Marketer and PMP Certified Project Manager with over five years of extensive experience in the digital marketing landscape across several industries. Dany also carries a vast knowledge of sales and marekting tools to empower every team to hit their targets.

Dany will be leading your team during Implementation and be the driving force behind your change towards better results.

Tamara Tarabey

Creative Director | Team Lead

Tamara is our Creative Director and the Design Team Lead. She has vast experience constructing user-focused interfaces and designing conversion-driven content that focuses on creating engaging and positive user experiences.

Tamara wil be your all-in-one brush when it comes to creating powerful & engaging digital user experiences.

Mohamad Chehade

Senior Solution Engineer | Team Lead

Mohamad leads our Solutions team, tailoring our solution to fit your needs. Highly knowledgeable with software integrations using open-APIs, experienced in several coding languages, and hands-on with the developer team, he focuses on customizing our solution to find the best possible solution to your challenges.

Mohamad will be your engine’s flexibility fulcrum and construct the solution that will carry you towards explosive growth.

Marybel Hatem

Functional Acquisition| Functional Lead

Marybel is a Certified Digital Marketer with a wealth of SEO Knowledge. She has several years of customer acquisition experience, leading SEO & SEM teams, and Backlink Strategy & Execution.

Marybel will be the pillar that drives your SEO efforts to success and carries your Inbound Marketing to exceed expectations.

Imad Hteit

R&D| Functional Lead

Imad Hteit is a Certified Digital Marketer & Project Manager carrying certifications for Research & Development as well. He holds over 5 years of experience, with experience leading teams across sectors catering to different industries and target markets.

Imad will be the link between you and your target market to help you cater, personalize, and optimize your messaging to convert your target audience.