GITEX Welcomes Hovi!
Rami El-Hajjar
October 20, 2022
Rami is the resident content generator, consumer, and reviewer at Hovi Digital Lab. He has a lot of passion for creating content and that is where he sees himself producing the most. “He’s super duper, totally amazingly awesome” that’s what he told us to write when we asked for his input. And he actually has a point.

The forefront of Digital Transformation kicked off at GITEX 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Center! Held from October 10 through October 14, GITEX attracted more than 80,000 attendees from 180 countries who came to see the latest innovations from global tech leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Through the years, Gitex has been a gateway for brands to explore business opportunities and make their presence felt locally and internationally.

The Hovers pushed our mission to stay at the bleeding edge of Digital Transformation and Technology – So keep an eye out for the key learnings we’ll be sharing! But first, let’s talk a little about Gitex and why it’s an event you should have your eye on.

Gitex is the MENA’s Biggest Digital-First Event That Brings Together Global Tech Leaders and Entrepreneurs

GITEX is the MENA’s biggest digital-first event that brings together global tech leaders and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest innovations, products, and services. 

It’s also a top-notch conference with over 600 sessions covering topics ranging from AI to 5G, IoT to cybersecurity, and Tool Integrations to Marketing Automation.

So if you’re looking for an event that will help you keep up with all the latest digital transformation and technology developments, then GITEX 2022 is your best bet.

Global Leaders in Innovation and Technology in one Dubai World Trade Center

The Gitex 2020 event was a huge success. It proved the best marketing opportunity for companies looking to expand their business in the MENA region.

The event allows participants to showcase their products and services, meet new customers and grow their client base. It also gives them access to high-level decision-makers who can help them expand their business globally.

Gitex is an excellent place for networking and learning about the latest tech trends from experts in the industry.

Innovation has Blossomed and Digital Transformation is Evolving

And although this declaration sounds clichéd, it is pretty accurate given how much innovation has blossomed in the past decade.

Technology has changed a lot in the past decade. The most significant innovations are in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, marketing automation, and even down to the simplest of business operations— these technologies are being used to change how we live and work. For example:

  • Virtual reality (VR) has become more common because you can use it for entertainment or even cure boredom by immersing yourself in new worlds while sitting at home on your couch!
  • Companies like Apple are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create smarter devices, such as laptops that can answer questions based on their knowledge of human-like behavior patterns. Not to mention the Conversational Intelligence tools that leverage AI to help sales teams analyze and optimize their outbound calls and meetings. Additionally, we’re all familiar with the explosion of chatbots across digital channels.
  • Marketing Automation has seen an incredible boom with the unlimited well of software and web apps ready to help automate, track, and optimize your digital marketing efforts.

Our Key Learnings From GITEX So Far:

If you weren’t available to attend Gitex this year, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most important lessons that our team acquired! Keep an eye out for the complete list soon!

1- Persona-based marketing in a digital age using AI & ML: Leverage data analytics and AI for micro-segmentation of data & hyper-personalization of customer experience.

2- Growth marketing in a scale-up: Enable focused development of products and services and enhance retention by understanding customer-product interactions, tracking customer histories, and segmenting data.

3- Sustainable solutions to grow businesses: Leverage the technological solutions, regulatory frameworks, and market trends to boost your business using innovative lending tools to enable growth.

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