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SMarketing – The Future of Sales & Marketing
Bob Sabra
November 9, 2021

The way people buy has changed. Existing Sales and Marketing approaches are slowly dying out especially with the forced global shift towards digital that’s impacted the core of the world of business and how it goes about its operation. SMarketing is the next evolutionary step that you need to revitalize your business’ growth.

Many companies are still focused on what’s now becoming more and more #oldnews in the world of digital marketing. Creating a nice website, although still could pose complex problems, is becoming more of a given nowadays. And questions like these are popping up:

  • Is your website’s content dynamic per buyer journey’s stage and geolocation?
  • Is it well setup to be a LeadGen (Lead Generation) machine with optimized conversion rates?
  • Does it have a ML (Machine Learning) based language scaler to automate contextual language translation?
  • Does it include the latest technologies in design elements while maintaining coherence and adaptability to Google’s latest core web vitals mechanics that are essential?

These are dense questions but are layering the forefront of what makes a website good enough by today’s digital standards.These are the questions you need to be able to answer “It does” and “Yes” to if you’re looking to set yourself apart and be a market leader.

Mobilegaddon is no longer the compass that identifies whether your website is successful. It goes without saying now that your website has to be responsive. So ask yourself this, if the websites pillars once known to be essential have now changed drastically and rapidly, where does this leave the consumer behavior and the way sales and marketing are operated?

We at Hovi, have been beating the drum of SMarketing since before the company’s formal inception in 2020. Through my own training sessions that I give out for the Certified Digital Marketing Professional Certification I’ve been speaking about SMarketing time after time. And chances are, if you’ve ever attended any of my Digital Marketing classes, you’ll have heard me speak about it.
It’s hard for marketers and salesters to assimilate the concept of SMarketing as it really covers the whole end to end sales and marketing journey.

To make it simpler, I’ve listed below the key components of a successful SMarketing engine that sets you up for scale. Take a look, and let me know your thoughts.

  • An integrated Sales and Marketing framework that starts with defining your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), and doesn’t end with measuring your NPS (Net Promoter Score) and up-selling.
  • Engage the right Sales and Marketing organization structure that sets you up for delivery and scalability
  • Agreeing to OKRs (Objective and Key Results) measurements to track the results of both teams
  • Apply an effective Growth Hacking strategy that is driven by personas and their custom intent data
  • A common Glossary for all to understand
  • Weekly open-hearted and open-minded feedback sessions
  • A streamlined Lead-Gen process that allows for scoring and progression of the entire leads pipeline
  • Consolidated reporting engine entailing the CRM and the marketing automation tools
  • Account based marketing based on custom intent reflecting what your ICP companies are researching for online and targeting them accordingly
  • Much more

Sound interesting to you? If it does, give us a shout and we’ll help you explore it further.

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