A Guide to Real Estate PPC Advertising
Joanne Nassar
June 1, 2020
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Are you a real estate agent looking to promote your business online? Are you looking for ways to get your real estate ads on the first Google results page?

Sure, SEO is an important aspect but don’t forget the benefits of a good PPC campaign too. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered; keep on reading for a quick guide on real estate PPC marketing and how it will help you:

1. What Is PPC in Marketing?

For marketers to survive in a digital era, they must learn to market through digital means. Pay-per-click marketing is where advertisers pay whenever an internet user clicks one of their ads.

You may be wondering, how would customers find your PPC ad? Well, keywords are a set of words or a word that you add to your adwords campaign. Keywords define your ad and are the backbone of your PPC campaign.

Often, advertisers of PPC bid for specific keywords before they can use them. For example, you bid for the keyword ‘house for sale’. Your PPC ad will pop up at the top of the search results page when a potential client looks up ‘house for sale’. 

The PPC leads and results will also depend on what platform you’re advertising PPC on. For example, you might find more success with Google AdWords than Facebook Ads.

Now that you know the basic gist of PPC marketing, let’s move on to its benefits.

2. Why Should Real Estate Agents Use PPC Ads?

Selling real estate isn’t easy but PPC advertising makes it easier. Why should you use PPC advertising alongside other forms of digital marketing? Well, did you know that 63% of people would click on a Google ad?

One reason for that is you get to reach the right audience. The traffic you get from your PPC ads is more likely to convert, too. Plus, if SEO confuses you, fret not for PPC advertising isn’t dependent on it. 

It also gives you fast and measurable results. If you’re on a budget, PPC campaigns don’t have budget restrictions and let you be flexible with your budget. Since it’s measurable, you get to analyze if you’re creating a profit or a loss.

You get instant lead generation by paying your ads to show first. It’s also better than sharing your leads with other real estate agents. Lead generation from your PPC campaigns becomes yours alone.

PPC ads have the best real estate when it comes to search engine results pages (SERPs). Your PPC ad gets first-page exposure. Of course, let’s not forget about the big Return on Investment (ROI) that PPC offers.

Those are only a few of the greatest benefits of PPC marketing.

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3. Setting up a PPC Account

Like marketing, a PPC campaign needs clear business goals, both long-term and short-term. The next thing you need is the right budget to run your PPC campaign. With the right budget, your ads will often show on top of the first results page.

Research is crucial and not doing enough of it is a common mistake with real estate marketing. A PPC strategy depends on the research you’ve done on your target audience and competitors. Keyword research is essential in creating your real estate PPC strategy.

Before you create a PPC account, it’s also good to have a landing page to which PPC ads will bring your customers. It would also be smart to better understand the Google AdWords ad scoring. Some situations may allow your ads a higher ranking at a lower cost per click (CPC).

4. How to Set up a PPC Campaign

The first step is to determine the platform you want to advertise on. For real estate agents, marketing on search engines like Google AdWords is your best bet. Sign up on the platform and then create an account. 

Create a PPC strategy that is appropriate to the real estate industry. Consider your budget, target audience, competitors, keywords, and approach. In case things go south, it would be wise for you to have a back-up plan.

Based on your keyword research, you’d most likely already have a chosen set of keywords. Set your bids for different keywords and then select your budget. The next step is to create your ad copy.

Write a PPC advert which will hook your target audience and entice them to click the ad. Also, it’s important to link it to a relevant landing page on your website. For the last step, use analytics tools to track your progress.

Keep an eye on how your budget is doing with the keywords you bade on. If it’s leading to a loss, you might want to bid on cheaper yet still relevant keywords. After all, little changes make a big difference, especially when it comes to marketing

5. Tips on Real Estate PPC Advertising 

PPC campaigns for real estate don’t promise instant conversions. More important than traffic, it’s important to have good lead generation strategy. The key is to follow-up on them and to keep a consistent lead flow.

When you’ve got the leads, how should you follow through on them without being annoying? A good strategy is to have an email drip campaign. This sends emails through for setting appointments in person or over the phone.

You can always coordinate your PPC campaign with other digital marketing campaigns. For example, when a visitor comes to your site via a PPC ad, lead them to a subscription page. Connect your PPC and email marketing campaign while gathering data on potential clients. 

This should go without saying: don’t imitate other ad copies. Instead, bring forth your creativity and use that to hook visitors in. If you find yourself too busy, you can hire a PPC team to help you create an inspired ad copy for your campaign.

In 2018, the top SEO keywords for real estate included ‘real estate’, and ‘houses for sale’. There is a big chance these keywords would have a high CPC. For agents with limited budgets, try bidding for keywords like ‘houses for sale in Beirut.’

Advertise Real Estate with PPC Marketing

That’s it for our quick guide on real estate PPC advertising. 

Any reputable real estate agent has an online presence and uses digital marketing. Remember that PPC is only one of the many forms of digital marketing that you can use for your website.

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