How Intent Data Will Boost Your Sales: 4 Key Points
Henri Touma
June 29, 2020
Henri is an Account Manager on Hovi's team and is all about building his skillset. He's always got his eye out for any new updates to his tools and software and is the first to adopt and share new techniques he comes across.

Intent Signals help sales and marketing iron out and impact prospective buyers who are already exploring services related to what their company provides. You can identify optimal touch points, time slots, and the best contact points according to the intent data being looked at.

Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and suddenly they call? That’s known in psychology as “Intent Satisfaction.” In our world, “intent data” means a set of behavioral actions collected when people in prospective companies demonstrate an interest in a particular topic via email, social media interactions, and/or online chat interactions.

If the topic relates to what you offer, and the prospect falls right into your ideal customer profile (ICP), you both click!

As defined by ZoomInfo: “The technology leverages proprietary machine learning to capture and understand keyword and content consumption from web crawlers on millions of websites, deep search and traffic insights from numerous behavioral data providers to identify intent, and match it back to the company through the IP matching technology.”
Over 2,500+ topics among 20 Million tracked companies are available to choose from, making it easy to select the suitable topics that fit your requirements.

Keep in mind that when thinking about Intent Data and what you can do with it, the below becomes very relevant and essential to understand:

  • 93% of B2B purchases start with a simple internet search
  • 74% of B2B buyers ultimately select the provider that first provided value in their research (and value is not a discount or a coupon, it’s something valuable to their daily operation)

So you might be asking yourself: All this sounds really cool, but how can I leverage this “intent data” to boost my pipeline and optimize my sales process?

Well, here are four key points that will show you how:

  • Discovering Your Ideal Customer Profile’s Behavior with Intent Data:

Adding intent data to your sales database offer your sales team a list of contacts and companies actively researching your product/service category. This way, you will get a deeper understanding of the prospect’s mindset and behavior online, what they look for, and which types of topics they research when they have a particular need.

  • Unveiling Up-selling and Cross-selling Opportunities

Up-selling and Cross-selling are the fuel of low-cost growth. Intent data can help your sales team offer relative products/services to your existing customers based on their intents and research.

  • Enhancing your “Hyper-personalization efforts” With Intent Data

48% of Digital marketing experts believe that content personalization makes their message more effective. Content teams can use intent to generate lead magnets that sales peeps can offer to interested prospects to obtain higher conversion rates.

  • Accelerating Your Sales Pipeline

New prospects could be injected into your marketing automation to progress them through the funnel faster than usual, leading them right into your sales pipeline’s initial stages and ready for your BDRs to jump on them. It will also enable them to have more resounding “warm calls.”

The key here is not to be intrusive in the type of conversation and provide hints towards the research being carried out.

Get in touch with us if you’re interested to see how Intent Data is integrated with our SMarketing Framework and into our Grower App.

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