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AI Marketing Platforms – Your Best Marketing Friend
Rami El-Hajjar
February 15, 2022
Rami is the resident content generator, consumer, and reviewer at Hovi Digital Lab. He has a lot of passion for creating content and that is where he sees himself producing the most. “He’s super duper, totally amazingly awesome” that’s what he told us to write when we asked for his input. And he actually has a point.

AI Marketing Platforms are what you need. Now. Think back to all the times you had to sit at your desk and start building a journey. Adding your delays. Placing your content. This email before this email before this postcard. Oh no, when’s the best time to send this?!


Bring AI into your marketing strategy and start executing your campaigns with better speed, a wider reach, data-backed decisions at every step, and utilize the ever-important personalization with greater effectiveness and efficiency. But this isn’t something new for you. You found your way right here because you were looking:

  1. To Learn more about AI Marketing
  2. What AI marketing platforms are actually useful to you (A lot of’em if not all, but let’s narrow it down) and which ones work.

I’m going to help you out, and include the answers to both of those right under this sentence.

What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing is, simply put, involving AI in your marketing processes. But what does it actually do? Great question. AI helps you with the following:

1- Analyzes the best times to send emails – starting simple. But it’s not just emails in general. AI can dive deeper than just popping a Google search for the best times to send emails. It can parse through the times your prospects and email subscribers have opened your emails, and find the best time to send it to them. Sure, A LOT of emails are opened Tuesday at 10 am and between 3-4 pm but your recipients might prefer Monday at 11 am… (Your recipients sound like weirdos.) AI Marketing Platforms can give you the times your prospects are in their inbox, and there’s no better time than that.

2- Parse massive quantities of data – Building off of the previous point, AI’s largest benefit is that it can go through massive amounts of data a whole lot faster than you and I. This allows the AI to identify patterns (like email open times), content topics, build reports, and pick out highly relevant insights to help you make quicker, more informed decisions.

3- Build hyper personalized outreach – AI can help you build out your customers’ and prospects’ profiles. This allows you to do more than simply personalize according to your buyer persona. Now don’t get me wrong, buyer personas are great. They do help with your personalization, but they’re still a generalization – a category for leads, prospects, and customers to fall under. With AI, you have the capability to write content and correspondence that is built for the recipient it’s being sent to. Any BDR, SDR, and AE will tell you being able to connect with someone on such a personal level, showing them you’ve put the time to find out who they are, isn’t just putting your foot through the door – You’re getting invited inside.

4- Recommend content topics – Although your AI may not be able to write all of your content, it can still help you figure out what to publish. Figure out what content will be best received and as a result, the topics that’ll net you the most leads and conversions.

5- Write better content – Yup. The robots can write now. AI can help you with more than just finding the keywords to target and relevant topics to address. They can actually write the content you need to publish. Instead of sitting at a screen watching your cursor flash, you can let the AI help you with writing your content. Whether it’s a blog, ebook, or email, skip right to the editing phase of your process. Yes, editing. The machines aren’t perfect. Yet.

6- Boost your SEO Strategy – Building off of some of the previous points, AI can help you pinpoint the keywords that’ll help your strategy the best, and include them in your content. Instead of parsing through keywords yourself, checking how competitive they are, and how much money you might need to throw at it to try and get an ad, let the AI direct you to the relevant keywords that’ll help you to start ranking high. Increase traffic and optimize your content.

7- Serve up better ads – Marketers love to see their ads show up on the right page at the right time. Even better if their Retargeting and Remarketing strategies are working. To do that, you need to analyze your customers’ behavior, their habits, where they like to spend their time digitally, and find the best time to show them your ad. But now, you don’t have to. You’ve got your AI partner to do the heavy-lifting.

8- Make better lead lists – Whether you’re creating a lead list for the first time, or looking to optimize your existing one, AI can help you accomplish those goals. Moreover, it combats the problem of over-duplication. It can help you build a more valuable and distinct lead list by analyzing your data and finding the most relevant information on your best and most engaged customers.

9- Analyze & predict what your customers are going to buy next – Are you looking to optimize your product offering? Do you have too many SKUs? Do you have multiple products and services, but no clear idea of what people are buying, or what they should be buying? AI can help you track your customers’ behaviors; not just what they’re buying right now, but what they might be looking at next.

10- Improve your CRM Strategy – Notice how I mentioned AI can help build hyper personalized outreach? It can also help you use all of your customer data in the most efficient way. Your CRM and the data in it can be used to provide your outreach and marketing efforts with the best information and insight, while identifying the leads with more sales potential. In other words, it’ll help you build better lead scoring models and keep the hottest leads top of mind.

11- Reduce cold calling – Your sales team will love you. Because of how hyper personalized outreach is becoming, AI can help you with starting an outreach campaign by finding the right people to send emails to. Through your CRM, AI can find the right person, and through your analytics and behavioral data, it can find the right time to send your emails. Also, some platforms will even book the meeting for your reps and put it on the calendar. Your sales team might just push adopting an AI marketing platform for you. They are good at getting buy-ins after all.

12- Reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction – See point 3. Except instead of getting invited inside for a quick chat, you’ll be asked to move in as the golden roommate.

13- Ease your daily grind – AI can help with a multitude of tasks in your daily grind. Retargeting, nurturing, journey building, SEO, content writing. We already use very basic forms of AI, like chatbots or product recommendations on e-commerce sites.

If you aren’t looking for an AI Marketing Platform already, it’s time to start. Good thing all you have to do is keep scrolling.

The list is broken into platforms for: Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce, Analytics, and one tool for SEO. Using a platform I haven’t mentioned? Send it my way – I’d love to check it out and add it to the list. Let’s build together!

Your Cheat Sheet for AI Marketing Platforms:

3 Tools for Email Marketing:

Seventh Sense focuses on making sure your emails aren’t just delivered, but that they’re opened. It analyzes the behavior of your leads to pinpoint the time they’re most active in their inbox and delivers the email so you’re top of mind. On top of that, it allows you to drip-feed your emails to avoid the spam-hammer for sending out emails in bulk. Like your goal with SEO for SERPs, it aims to get you at the top of the inbox. If you’re focusing on email deliverability and open rates, start looking here.

Phrasee uses its AI to help you write better copy to increase engagement. It’ll help you write emails with subject lines so good people can’t help but open them up. Furthermore, using Brand Language Optimization, Phrasee uses its AI to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze your copy to help you build a unique brand voice, connect with your prospects, and increase engagement. If you’re looking to enhance and unify your voice across your content, start looking here.

This one’s not just for the marketers. Exceed.ai allows you to stay on top of your follow-ups, reach out to your leads, and automatically book meetings all through the AI without any human intervention. Exceed can send emails and speak to website visitors through a chatbot according to easily customizable playbooks and email templates. If you’re looking to automate your outreach and qualification, start looking here.

8 AI Marketing Tools for Content Marketing:

Evolv.ai is an AI focusing on digital customer experience. Evolv’s AI Marketing Platform upgrades the optimization process by accelerating your A/B testing processes. It allows you to test all your ideas, concepts, and content at the same time to identify the best options rather than having to A/B test a couple over a long period of time. If you’re looking to accelerate your optimization processes and evolve (:D) your customer experience, start looking here.

Acrolinx is an enterprise solution. It’s AI Marketing platform focuses on helping brands improve their content’s quality, align it across platforms and with the overall marketing strategy, and helps keep marketing in-line with brand standards. If you’re looking for a tool to help you scale your content production and score it’s effectiveness, start looking here.

MarketMuse’s AI Marketing platform is built to accelerate, enhance, and upgrade your content creation process. It helps marketers find keywords faster, generate high-quality content, and drive conversions. The tool shows how well your content covers the topic you’re writing about and how well you will rank for that topic. If you’re looking to accelerate your high-quality content creation and optimization to rank high, start here.

KafKai is an AI Writer that can help small teams generate quantities of high-quality, SEO-friendly content. KafKai’s AI has been trained to write for popular SEO niches and allows marketers to ‘seed’ a paragraph that the AI can then build the article off of. If you’re looking to build authority and need help ranking, start here.

If you’re a fan of editing tools but not the color green, InstaText has got you covered. instaText is an easy-to-use grammar checker that helps you enhance and enrich your text. Its AI helps adjust your tone and wording as well. If you’re looking for a tool that’ll help you write more understandable content and speed up your writing process, start looking here.

If you’re a fan of editing tools and the color green, Grammarly has got you covered. Similar to InstaText, Grammarly is easy to use and helps you with editing your copy and adjusting tone. On top of that, Grammarly includes a plagiarism checker to help you make sure your copy is as unique as it can be. If you’re looking for a tool that’ll help you write better copy and speed up your writing process, start looking here.

Synthesia is a phenomenal solution if you’re looking to include video in your outreach. With Synthesia, you can create videos from text using their AI, with one of their AI avatars or you can request a custom-made avatar. It supports 50+ languages and makes video creation a breeze without having to rely on human actors and film crews. If you’re looking for a solution that’ll allow you to start producing high-quality, video-based content, start looking here.

Unscreen’s AI removes your video’s background all on its own – you don’t even have to pick a pixel or color, the AI does it all automatically. Sounds like something small, but removing video backgrounds is really complicated work, and this AI platform allows you to save a lot of your budget and expand your editing capabilities without requiring a green screen. It can even replace the background for you. If you’re looking to expand your video editing capabilities and do more with your video content, start looking here.

2 Tools for Social Media Marketing:

Pattern89 will help you optimize your campaigns and the creative elements of those campaigns. Pattern89’s AI will analyze your creative assets and find the best combination to help drive your ROI. It’ll do more than just show you which ads are doing the best too. You’ll be getting practical and actionable insights on your ads, such as their placement and type. If you’re looking find enhance your social content and manage your campaigns, start looking here.

Netbase is not your average consumer and market intelligence tool. It powers up your social analytics with its AI and Machine Learning algorithms to provide real-time insights on your brand health and how your audience is reacting and engaging with your social posts. You can also customize your dashboard to focus on the analytics that matter the most to you. If you’re looking for a better way to manage and boost your campaigns and monitor brand health, start looking here.

3 AI Marketing Tools for E-Commerce:

Bloomreach gives you the power to drive true personalization with your customers using it’s AI-driven search and merchandising to enhance conversions and helps with SEO, through AI-powered SEO automation, to increase your traffic. Bloomreach’s AI also helps with placing product recommendations, helping nudge browsers towards a sale. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your website and drive more sales conversions, start looking here.

Emarsys’ AI focuses on increasing customer engagement and enhancing customer retention. Create highly-personalized, automated, omni-channel touch-points for customers. In addition, Emarsys can help you improve your 1-to-1 customer experience and help increase your customer retention. It of course also gives the analytics needed to keep track of your activity and ROI. If you’re looking to increase your conversions and amplify your personalization, start looking here.

Personalize is an AI-powered personalization tool that gives you exactly what your contacts are interested in, in real-time. It’s AI uses metrics like time on page, frequency of visits, and recency of activity to identify the top three products/services that your contacts are interested in. These insights give you the capability to write highly personalized marketing and sales emails to boost your engagement and response rates. If you’re looking to enhance your one-to-one personalization and increase conversions, start looking here.

3 Platforms for Your Analytics:

Albert is a powerful AI Marketing Platform. It’s an autonomous, self-learning AI that can help you generate campaign content, optimize your existing content, and report the data you need to focus on brand strategy, innovation, and impactful audience connections. Using your company’s data, as well as its own, to help you identify serious buyers and increase your conversions. Additionally, Albert easily integrates into your marketing tech stack. If you’re looking for an easy-to-integrate solution and easy-to-navigate report dashboards, start looking here.

Crayon is a perfect addition to anyone ramping up their competitive intelligence strategies. With Crayon, you’ll be able to easily keep track of your competitors and the market at large. Also, see before-and-after’s of your competitors’ websites to keep track of edits and changes in messaging, positioning, and pricing. Crayon aims to keep you ahead with its AI. If you’re looking for a way to kickstart your competitive intelligence strategy or a way to automate and enhance, start looking here.

Oribi is all about taking your complex and sometimes downright confusing analytics and making it easy. Boasting simplicity for its users, Oribi’s dashboards are packed with useful information and insights on your marketing campaigns and channels. It helps track your website visitors, how long it takes to convert, and identify where you’re losing prospects on their journeys to better optimize and increase conversions.If you’re looking to simplify your data analytics process and are looking for a tool to help with your optimization, start looking here.

1 Tool for SEO:

Worldift’s powerful AI focuses on enhancing your SEO strategy and organizing your content. Get help you organizing your website and content so that search engines have an easier time finding and indexing your website to reach more qualified visitors. Moreover, you’ll be able to enrich your content with links, images, and even data visualization widgets. Also, it’ll help engage your audience with better recommendations to increase their time on your website. If you’re looking to optimize your SEO strategy and get more qualified visitors to your website, start looking here.

Jump on the AI Bandwagon Today!

I think the heading speaks for itself here.

Leveraging AI in your marketing operations can help you reap great benefits and accelerate your growth. Bookmark the list today, and start identifying the AI Marketing Platform you need in your life. Don’t lag behind your competitors and start your path towards being a market leader today!

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