How Bassam Fattouh Revolutionized His Online Success with Hovi

Customer  Bassam Fattouh

Products   Inbound

Industry    Makeup E-commerce

Bassam Fattouh is a well established, well known prestigious makeup artist and makeup brand owner in the Middle East and far beyond.

His work is loved and respected by celebrities, brides, catwalk fashionistas, royalty and many more. He was the first makeup artist to launch a full-blown advertising campaign in the Middle Eastern region, and collaborated with many big brands such as Dior & Clarins.

Having his own makeup line in the market for many years now, he needed to uplift his online and digital presence to better reflect his brand positioning in the market and increase online sales orders through his own website.

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Bassam Fattouh’s Goals

  • Re-Design his old website to reflect his desired brand positioning in the market
  • Uplift the user’s shopping experience and UX/UI of the website
  • Build a fully conversion driven e-commerce engine
  • Attract website visitors and increase traffic
  • Increase sales orders
  • Increase online brand engagement through building an online community of makeup lovers
  • Position his brand as leading in the makeup market industry and as affordable luxury

Bassam Fattouh’s Challenges

  • Owning an outdated website with bad UX
  • Website poorly reflected his desired brand image in the market
  • Non conversion driven website due to functional & technical problems.
  • Weak online presence with no digital marketing efforts focusing mostly on traditional marketing, retail stores and online re-sellers
  • Absence of an online community around the brand that helps increase brand loyalty
  • Absence of high level valuable engaging content
  • Low number of daily online orders
  • Absence of a fully integrated tech stack
  • Absence of a full digital marketing strategy

Our Objectives

  • Uplift the overall online shopping experience
  • Enhance the website’s UX/UI
  • Increase the qty of orders and the average order value on the website.
    Implement a fully integrated and scalable tech stack
  • Increase Website Engagement
  • Improve the website’s domain authority and SEO performance
  • Build an online community and loyalty program around the brand






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How we did it: Our Solutions


As part of Hovi’s inbound marketing solution, the team of E-commerce specialists helped Bassam Fattouh increase website traffic, sales and conversion rates. They did that by offering Bassam a fully optimized website that is built to their exact needs, from design, to UX/UI to implementing a solid e-commerce base and working on an effective SEO driven content strategy which increased the website’s organic and direct search by 60%.

To increase page session duration and website traffic, our inbound marketing experts created for Bassam Fattouh a new section called beauty guide which reveals many personalized & helpful types of content for Bassam’s online shoppers including pages such as: Beauty secrets, Get The Look, Find Your Product , How To Tutorials. The pages include personalized content to help the customers in their buying journey and lead magnets to convert them such as quizzes, popups and easy to book consultation forms.

Moreover, Hovi’s inbound solution increased Bassam Fattouh’s online sales on a daily basis through different activities. One of them was integrating their website with Instagram shop, which quickly became the website’s second-highest source of traffic.

Hovi’s UX specialists optimized their website to be mobile-friendly, which led to an increase in the number of users accessing their shop while they’re on the go based on market research conducted in the first research phase.

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As part of enhancing Bassam Fattouh’s brand positioning in the market and increasing customer loyalty, Hovi’s experts created a section on the menu called Bassam Fattouh to introduce the artist behind the brand, highlight the brand story, achievements and milestones to create meaningful connections between customers and the brand. They also created a new loyalty program page which resulted in an online community of makeup lovers around the brand and increased brand loyalty.

What achieved outsanding results for Bassam Fattouh was the implementation of an effective acquisition strategy that drove a remarkable 70% increase in sales within a mere four-month period after the launch of the new website. Many outreach campaigns were launched including multiple touch points such as search, display, facebook and instagram ads. These activities resulted in a high number of qualified leads and much more conversions.

One of the final steps, was setting up Ortto to track users activities across the website in order to constantly optimize the user experience based on existing customer data.

As a result, Bassam Fattouh’s operational procedures and marketing activities became much more efficient and effective and customers started flowing in with orders on the rise. The company saw an increase in its customer base and loyalty customers which was one of their main goals as a starter.


  • +168% increase in website traffic for the first 4 months post new website release
  • +173% increase in new users
  • +70% website order increase each month since the website went live till present.
  • Ranking #1 in Google’s SERP for branded and non branded keywords
  • Increase in organic search ranking by 30%
  • + 155% increase in page sessions
  • + 52% increase in PageViews
  • + 70% increase in direct traffic on the website
  • + 810% increase in traffic referral from instagram only
  • Enhanced Bassam Fattouh’s brand positioning in the market based on a huge increase in sales and increasing the customer base after being branded as “affordable luxury”
  • A fully integrated tech stack and visibility over everything
Bassam Fattouh's Key Metrics Results (compared 4 months before/after launching the new website)

Bassam Fattouh’s Key Metrics (Compared (4 months before/after launching the website)


+ 80% increase in marketing spends ROI

Bassam Fattouh | Founder of Bassam Fattouh

“Hovi does a wonderful job of turning information into intelligence and use the data to improve our process. They offered us a solid e-commerce engine, better learning tools, and a knowledge base that give us more capabilities to grow and scale our business. The decision to go to hovi early on has turned out to be a phenomenal decision because it really allowed us to achieve our goals and exceed our expectations!”

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