How Hovi’s Inbound Solution Increased Garo’s ROI by 80%

Customer  Garo Boyadjian

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Industry    Jewelry E-commerce

is a jewelry manufacturer and shop based in Beirut, Lebanon. His initial target market was B2B, but decided to expand it to B2C and create connections with customers with the aim to offer distinctive, harmonious, and refined designs using techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Garo can customize and design any piece the customer desires, and that’s his unique selling point. Their target is to reach 100 international daily orders, in addition to striving for an impeccable customer service at every turn and to cultivate an exceptional purchasing experience. Hovi was more than happy to help Garo not only to reach his goals, but also to exceed them.

garo boyadjian's jewellery

Garo’s Goals:

  • Uplift his website from a design and technical perspective
  • Achieve a fully conversion driven website
  • Attract website visitors and increase traffic
  • Increase sales orders
  • Increase brand awareness and become a well established brand in the GCC
  • Increase brand awareness and acquire a better brand positioning with local consumers and Lebanese expats.
  • Increase brand engagement through building an online community of jewelry lovers

Garo’s Challenges

  • Absence of a marketing team and a lack in digital marketing knowledge.
  • Absence of a full marketing strategy plan
  • Low brand awareness
  • High Cart abandonment rate
  • Low conversion driven website due to functional & technical problems.
  • Low number of daily orders
  • Absence of a fully integrated tech stack

Our Objectives

  • Increase Brand Awareness and target expansion to reach the GCC market
  • Design a conversion focused website
    Implement a fully integrated tech stack
  • Increase Website Engagement
  • Build an online community of jewelry lovers
  • Reach the targeted amount of daily orders.






Website Visitors

How we did it: Our Solutions


Through our inbound solution, our team of E-commerce specialists helped Garo gain an advantage on their competition by increasing sales and conversion rates. They did that by offering Garo a fully optimized website that is built to their exact needs. Hovi’s solution engineers developed a plugin that automatically changes prices for customers based on gold rate fluctuations. Garo’s team loved this feature as it gave them peace of mind when dealing with customers, knowing they are offering great and fair prices. A perfect example on how a tailored feature helped to reflect Garo’s transparency value in the market which automatically supports Garo to gain the trust of their potential customers. Hovi’s engineers also implemented a text previewer functionality to help customers visualize how their gold engravement would look like. To spread Garo’s added value, we created a “customize your jewelry” request form giving the freedom to customers to request any piece they like.

custom made jewelery
Moreover, Hovi’s inbound solution increased Garo’s online sales on a daily basis through different activities. One of them was integrating their website with different merchant platforms such as Instagram shop, Facebook shop, Google merchants, and Pinterest shop so they can get the maximum amount of traffic from all possible sources and be present wherever their users are. As a result, 25% out of the purchases were made through these merchant platforms since they were implemented till now.

Hovi’s UX specialists optimized the website to be mobile-friendly to increase the number of users accessing their shop while they are on the go based on market research that was done to Garo’s target in the first phase of implementation.

social commerce

As part of increasing Garo’s brand awareness and website engagement, our inbound marketing experts created for Garo a blog and a newsletter that contains exclusive insights on new arrivals, early access, look books, tips & tricks etc. Outreach campaigns were launched including multiple touch points such as search, display, facebook and instagram ads. Lead magnets such as interactive quizzes and popups were activated on the website as well, and a new “As Seen On” section was created to highlight celebrities wearing Garo’s products to achieve a better brand positioning. These activities resulted in a good number of qualified leads and conversions.

custom made jewelery

One of the final steps, was setting up Ortto to track users activities across the website in order to constantly optimize the user experience based on existing customer data.

As a result, Garo’s operational procedures and marketing activities became much more efficient and effective and customers started flowing in with orders on the rise.


  • Orders increased by 50% each month since the website went live till present.
  • Increase of Average session duration by 25% so far from March 2022
  • Increase in organic search ranking by 150% from may 2021 till may 2022
  • Increase in IG Shopping by 291% from may 2021 till may 2022
  • + 708 % New website users from sept 2021 till sept 2022
  • + 162% PageViews from sept 2021 till sept 2022
  • Organic ranking: 1st page on multiple non branded keywords
  • Reached 300 blog & newsletter subscribers over only the first 2 months
  • 25% orders from integrated merchant platforms
  • Increase in Garo’s brand positioning in consumer’s minds after several sales were made based on word of mouth in the past month.
  • A fully integrated tech stack and visibility over everything
Garo's Google Analytics Results over a year (1)

Garo’s Google Analytics Results over a year (1)

Garo's Google Analytics Results over a year (1)

Garo’s Google Analytics Results over a year (2)


+ 80% increase in marketing spends ROI

Patricia Mougharbel | Marketing Manager at Garo Boyadjian

“Working with Hovi has been an amazing experience. The team is supportive and hard working. They helped us launch a new website from conception through design and technical implementation and create a digital marketing strategy. We are impressed with the professionalism, creative vision, and overall service standards.”

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