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How In2’s website drove 70% new visitors and increased ROI by 120% in one year with Hovi

Customer  In2

Products    Inbound | Outreach

Add ons    Community Management – Market research

Industry    Sports & Fitness Management Software


is a cloud based B2B & B2C management solution for sports academies and complexes. It allows sports complexes and academies to optimize business processes, centralize data flows, and manage multiple locations and branches all in one place. It also allows users to explore sports facilities near them, schedule and book sessions, join communities and much more. In2 were facing huge players dominating the market as their competitors and lacked a proper website and marketing strategy to stand out from the rest to hit their desired goals.

They were referred by another client who saw the value in our solution, and after In2 saw the potential of our solutions, they instantly started their journey with us. Hovi was more than happy to take on this venture and make In2 reach global heights of success.

In2’s Goals:

  • Increase brand awareness and become a well established solution in the GCC
  • Attain 300 Sports businesses listed on their software (Increase lead generation)
  • Have a sustainable revenue stream and increase their ROI

In2’s Challenges

In2 laid out all the challenges that we needed to accomplish and overcome to eliminate unexpected events and work towards tailoring our solutions to the project’s requirements. They faced many challenges such as:

  •  Small market size
  • Low brand awareness
  • Low conversion driven website that didn’t portray well their products and value
  • Low Lead generation as they faced issues in finding leads especially in the MENA Region
  • Manual, slow and inefficient marketing processes
  • Absence of a marketing team and a lack in digital marketing knowledge.
  • Facing huge players dominating the market as their competitors ⟶ We helped them create sports complexes that was an added value
  • No social media presence ⟶ We handled their community management as an added service.

Our Objectives

  • Increase Brand Awareness and expand the target to reach the GCC market
  • Grow Website Visitors by at least 20% for the first 3 months
  • Increase Website Engagement & Conversions
  • Increase quality & quantity of generated leads
  • Build In2 an online community
  • Increase In2’s ROI






Website Visitors

How we did it: Our Solutions


First, Hovi’s team built In2 a well-structured conversion-focused website by optimizing their tech infrastructure and User Interface ensuring a seamless UX. Hovi’s solution engineers constantly optimized backend script, minimized asset sizes, focused on mobile-friendliness, and ran monthly website health checkups to ensure high-user experience devoid of responsiveness issues. We worked on the website’s SEO, performance and content by creating a one of a kind content hub that includes blogs, infographics, customer stories and press releases. We also created lead magnets such as the ROI calculator, engaging assessments, and a blog newsletter based on the inbound methodology. We also listed In2 on many online listings such as G2, Capterra, Trustpilot etc. As a final crucial step in Hovi’s inbound solution, we set up tracking accounts such as fullstory, analytics, tag manager and databox to keep track of users behaviors and constantly optimize based on results.

Kamel Semakieh | Founder & Advisor at In2 “What impresses me the most at Hovi is their amazing team and culture. They are professional, knowledgeable and always make you feel as part of your own team. I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to grow their business.”


After introducing them to top notch tools and setting them up, Hovi created persona based and ABM campaigns and automated them on multiple touch points with outreach email marketing campaigns and google ads. We helped them target a big audience in a personalized way. How? We created personalized experiences for returning visitors by launching a retargeting & nurturing journey with hyper-targeting ads campaigns to the sports segment and fitness segments for the yoga, martial arts, basketball and football audiences. We then implemented leads scoring system to increase the quality of leads to be able to funnel Sales Qualified Leads to their sales team through integrating Hubspot CRM system in all their channels.

Wael Azar | CEO & Co-Founder at In2

“Hovi’s team is acting as an extension of our team as the work that is being done is saving us the cost of a huge marketing team with an efficiency and expertise that we wouldn’t dream of attaining within such a short period of time! “

Market Research 

Following a detailed professional process, Hovi’s experts researched, quantified and defined In2’s target market and built their Ideal Customer Profile as a starter. They have 2 big segments and didn’t know the best market to target first and where to start. We solved this by dividing the market to 2 segments, created a landing page for each and A/B tested over a period of time. The research team also conducted many market research projects for In2, including a detailed specific industry research titled “Penetration Rate of Technology in the Fitness Industry” which included many topics such as the technology penetration rate by segment/country/product type, insights on their target market including universities, personal trainers, freelancers, influencers and extracted many important results and information In2 can use for their projects and pitch in to investors.

Community Management

Hovi tried new channels with In2 such as twitter and youtube ads which brought positive and rewarding results. We also used instagram direct messages by implementing top notch growth hacking techniques and received a number of qualified leads through In2’s social channels.
As an example, a lead who was using one of In2’s competitors platform shifted to In2 because of In2’s regional support that was an added value.

Jessica Daroune | CBDO & Co-Founder at In2

“Deciding to upgrade to the community management add-on service was a rewarding step for In2. The work that’s being done is showing an amazing progress to increasing In2’s social awareness and building our community.”


  • On average In2 received around 30 to 40 SQLs per month so far in 2022
  • 53 SQLs for first 6 months in 2021 VS 150 SQLs for the first 6 months of 2022
  • Increased demo form submission by 181 %
  • Increase of Average time on page: from 4 minute 8 secs (2021) to 5 to 7 minutes (2022)
  • Website visitors increase for more than 50% from 2021 till 2022
  • Bounce rate decreased from 80% to 63%
  • Increase in website users by 70% in 2022
  • Website google organic ranking: 2nd page
  • In2 has been able to increase sales conversions and hit their target monthly.


+ 120% increase in marketing spends ROI
Wael Azar | CEO & Co-Founder at In2 “What I like the most about working with Hovi is that the work is number oriented as we achieved a full visibility over everything that we need. Also, the follow ups between our teams has been great, transparent and very dynamic. The work is very efficient and the productivity is on another level. The professionalism level is on point and we’re very happy with the results we’ve been receiving! We do recommend Hovi’s services to any company willing to grow and scale.”
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