Ohana Hills Increases Lead Generation By 800% & Expands Markets With Hovi

Customer   Ohana Hills

Products     Inbound | Outreach | Sales

Industry       Real Estate

Ohana Hills
is a luxurious real estate villa properties located on the top of a hill overlooking the Damour Seaside in Lebanon. It is a hub providing serenity, luxury and sustainable living. The project is composed of 141 villas varying in areas. It is a tropical village that stands out, offering a unique lifestyle to its residents. Despite Ohana’s dreamy offerings, only a few were aware of its presence in the market. Their marketing activities came from a purely traditional background, which did not meet their target market nor helped them reach their lead generation goals. Ohana came to us with a project that needed immediacy, accuracy and top notch digital knowledge. Hovi was more than happy to take on this venture and make Ohana Hills reach global heights of success.

Ohana’s Challenges

Before implementing Hovi’s solutions, Ohana laid out all the pre-requisites and challenges that we needed to accomplish and overcome to eliminate unexpected events and work towards tailoring our solutions to the project’s requirements. They faced many challenges such as:


  • Spending a lot of money on marketing activities and having a low ROI
  • No digital presence
  • No presence on google search
  • Low number of leads generated
  • Unqualified generated leads

Our Objectives

  • Increase Brand Awareness by expanding the target to reach Lebanese expats
  • Grow Website Visitors by Increasing organic traffic by at least 10% month to month for the first 6 months
  • Increase Website Engagement & Conversions by driving conversions through organic search & work on ranking branded keywords in first position
  • Maximize number of closed deals
  • Create an automated workflow between sales and marketing activities






Website Traffic

How we did it: Our Products


First, Hovi’s team built Ohana a well-structured conversion-focused website by optimizing their tech infrastructure, and user interface ensuring a seamless UX. We worked on the website’s SEO, performance and content and created lead magnets such as the ROI calculators and engaging assessments such as the find your dream villa quiz which turned their website into a lead generation machine! That made ohana’s website loved by google, and as a result, they rank first for relevant keywords in the region.

We also listed Ohana Hills on many related online listings real estate platforms such as Property Finder, OLX, and many more. As a final crucial step in Hovi’s inbound solution, we set up tracking accounts such as Fullstory, analytics, tag manager, Databox to keep track of users behaviors and constantly optimize based on results.

Ibrahim Kawas | Head of Sales & Marketing at Ohana Hills

“Due to our website’s huge success and our new digital campaign efforts, we’ve seen a number of positive changes and a remarkable increase in our sales conversions. Our operation is smoother and more efficient than ever. For this reason we decided to expand our working relationship with Hovi and benefit from more of their services!”


Following a detailed professional process, Hovi researched, defined Ohana’s target market and built their Ideal Customer Profile as a starter. After introducing them to top notch tools and setting them up, Hovi created persona based campaigns and automated them on multiple touch points with outreach email marketing campaigns and google ads. We helped them target a big audience in a personalized way. We then implemented leads scoring system to increase the quality of leads to be able to funnel Sales Qualified Leads to their sales team through integrating Hubspot CRM system in all their channels.
We delivered our content directly to Ohana’s target through constant A/B testing and optimization of ads and targeted keywords per platform.
Also, Hovi created personalized experiences for returning visitors, launched the website in Arabic, and increased traffic from outreach campaigns by 10%.
We were able to boost organic traffic by enhancing SEO score from 86 to 90, updating and generating high-value, conversion-focused blog content & linkable assets, and ranking at the #1 SERP spot for non-branded keywords.
Hovi’s solution engineers optimized backend script, minimized asset sizes, focused on being mobile-friendly, and ran monthly website health checkups to ensure high-user experience devoid of responsiveness issues.

Sales Enablement

When Ohana upgraded to the sales enablement framework, they were introduced to well structured playbooks, processes and resources created by Hovi for their sales team in addition to sales trainings that were done by Hovi’s professional team which doubled their productivity as it helped them close deals better and faster.

Ibrahim Kawas | Head of Sales & Marketing at Ohana Hills

“It was easier to track, visualize, optimize and get full visibility over our data.”


  • 26% increase in website traffic month to month for the first 6 months
  • Increased Website Visitors to 31,000/quarter
  • 325,000 + total website visitors from 2019 until present
  • Boosted Organic Traffic to 655/quarter73% unique visitors
  • Increased Ad Impressions to 2.4M per quarter
  • Website Ranks at the #1 SERP spot for non-branded keywords.
  • Ensured Core Web Vitals is +90
  • Increased Demo Form Submissions by 30%
  • Doubled Average Session Duration
  • 100% scroll depth on several website pages
  • Increased Avg. Time on Page by 80%
  • Increased SQLs generated by 800%: From 8 new SQLs in the first month of Q1 2022 to 46 new SQLs generated in the last month of Q1 2022.


220% Return On Investment

Ohana Hills has been able to increase sales conversions substantially and expects to sell all of the remaining Villas in the project by end of 2022.

Future Plans

Based on the results of this project, Ohana decided to move forward and keep on renewing their contract of Hovi’s solutions to continue pushing marketing efforts through Hovi’s team. In addition to that, Ohana Hills is expanding outside of Lebanon and launching a new similar project in the UAE “Ohana By The Sea” driven by Hovi’s Digital Marketing Services and SMarketing Platform.

Hussein Salem | CEO at Ohana Hills

Following Hovi’s unconditional support, we are now expanding outside of Lebanon and launching the Ohana by the Sea project in the UAE in a very efficient and scalable manner with Hovi’s frameworks already in place.

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