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Music Grid Closes x3 Sales Deals With Hovi

Customer  Music Grid

Products  Sales Enablement

Industry   Sonic Branding

Music Grid is a custom music and audio branding service. They compose music that represents your brand’s values for anything advertisements, films/movies, apps/games, podcasts, and unique customized projects.

Their client base is spread across multiple industries such as restaurants, finance, social influencers, stock market etc. You name it, they do it..

Music Grid’s Goals

  • Establish the go-to-market approach and brand positioning for MusicGrid
  • Develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy
  • Update and refine the sales strategy to suit current market trends and company growth
  • Business Goal 2: Develop a fully optimized and enabled sales infrastructure
  • Create an advanced, scalable sales infrastructure to cater to growing business needs
  • Implement sales enablement tools and resources to enhance sales processes and efficiencies
  • Ensure team buy-in and effective implementation of the new processes across the board

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Music Grid’s Challenges

  • High lead generation but low sales conversions
  • Absence of a structured lead follow-up process, leading to lost leads
  • No Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in use
  • Lack of an established sales team
  • Deficiency of sales enablement tools, resources, and processes
  • Significant investment in Instagram advertisements without corresponding returns
  • Generation of a substantial number of leads monthly, but ineffective conversion
  • Communication with leads primarily through WhatsApp and Instagram Direct Messages, leading to lost leads due to a lack of an effective follow-up process

Some of Our Objectives

  • Create 3-4 buyer personas
  • Align strategy with SMarketing (Sales + Marketing) efforts
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of existing sales processes
  • Identify potential blockers and bottlenecks within the sales process
  • Develop a detailed sales strategy