Music Grid Closes x3 Sales Deals With Hovi

Customer  Music Grid

Products  Sales Enablement

Industry   Sonic Branding

Music Grid is a custom music and audio branding service. They compose music that represents your brand’s values for anything advertisements, films/movies, apps/games, podcasts, and unique customized projects.

Their client base is spread across multiple industries such as restaurants, finance, social influencers, stock market etc. You name it, they do it..

Music Grid’s Goals

  • Establish the go-to-market approach and brand positioning for MusicGrid
  • Develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy
  • Update and refine the sales strategy to suit current market trends and company growth
  • Business Goal 2: Develop a fully optimized and enabled sales infrastructure
  • Create an advanced, scalable sales infrastructure to cater to growing business needs
  • Implement sales enablement tools and resources to enhance sales processes and efficiencies
  • Ensure team buy-in and effective implementation of the new processes across the board

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Music Grid’s Challenges

  • High lead generation but low sales conversions
  • Absence of a structured lead follow-up process, leading to lost leads
  • No Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in use
  • Lack of an established sales team
  • Deficiency of sales enablement tools, resources, and processes
  • Significant investment in Instagram advertisements without corresponding returns
  • Generation of a substantial number of leads monthly, but ineffective conversion
  • Communication with leads primarily through WhatsApp and Instagram
  • Direct Messages, leading to lost leads due to a lack of an effective follow-up process

Some of Our Objectives

  • Create 3-4 buyer personas
  • Align strategy with SMarketing (Sales + Marketing) efforts
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of existing sales processes
  • Identify potential blockers and bottlenecks within the sales process
  • Develop a detailed sales strategy
  • Optimize the sales lifecycle for better conversions
  • Develop sales processes and playbooks for standardization
  • Create a reporting structure on HubSpot
  • Design sales flashcards and scripts for better sales interactions
  • Train Business Development
  • Representatives (BDRs) on their processes
  • Train Account Executives (AEs) on their processes

How we did it: Our Solutions

Sales Enablement

In our dynamic partnership with MusicGrid, we’ve not only devised strategic initiatives but also introduced an innovative approach to Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) that kept us in sync with MusicGrid’s ever-evolving goals. Our journey begins with a bold objective: establishing MusicGrid as the go-to solution in the market.

To achieve this, we’ve crafted a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that defines our positioning and approach. We’ve crunched the numbers to calculate the Serviceable obtainable market (SOM) per market segment and sculpted 3-4 distinct buyer personas. This is all part of our grand plan to tailor our strategies precisely to the needs of MusicGrid’s diverse audience. Our secret sauce? Seamlessly integrating our sales and marketing efforts for maximum impact.

But that’s just the beginning. We’ve also set our sights on optimizing MusicGrid’s sales strategy. Our team of experts conducted a thorough audit of their existing sales processes, identifying potential roadblocks and bottlenecks. Through multiple roleplays and training sessions, we’ve honed the skills of our sales representatives to perfection. The result? A finely-tuned sales strategy that aligns seamlessly with MusicGrid’s overarching goals.

Of course, a winning strategy needs a rock-solid foundation, which is where our efforts to build a fully optimized sales infrastructure come into play. We’ve fine-tuned the team structure, streamlined the sales lifecycle, and implemented game-changing changes within the CRM. Workflows, automations, and playbooks were woven into the fabric of MusicGrid’s operations. And to keep a pulse on performance, we’ve set up an extensive reporting structure on Hubspot.

But that’s not all. We’ve been on a mission to ensure that every member of the team fully embraces and champions the new processes. Our training sessions have covered every role, from BDRs to AEs, sales managers, and CRM administrators. Specialized workshops, including Objection Handling, have empowered the team to excel. And with weekly touchpoints, we’re there every step of the way, making sure the processes are not just adopted but embraced with enthusiasm.
Our role didn’t stop at strategy; we’ve been in the trenches, working side by side with MusicGrid. Acting as the driving force behind the sales department, we’ve shaped the AE BDR layering, led onboarding for new team members, and masterminded the integration of the entire sales tech stack. We delivered a meticulously crafted sales process, covering every aspect and step. Our advanced training, engaging workshops, and immersive roleplays have supercharged the team’s skills and capabilities. Plus, we’ve played a pivotal role in shaping MusicGrid’s pricing model and presentations.

Through this exhilarating journey, the MusicGrid team has been our source of inspiration. Their unwavering support and unbridled engagement have propelled us to new heights, making every milestone a celebration of shared success.


  • Implemented a CRM, replacing error-prone manual processes, and integrated various functions for seamless operations
  • Achieved a remarkable conversion rate increase to 22.11% from 2.17%
  • Reduced the average deal age to 24 days, ensuring deals are closed within a month
  • Achieved a 60% increase in the average ticket price
  • Significantly increased the number of closed deals
  • Established outbound sequencing and integrated outbound sales techniques, resulting in a 10% success rate
  • Developed a sales process from scratch, covering all aspects and steps
  • Set up the pricing model and presentations

Sami El Quqa | CEO of Music Grid

“Working with Hovi so far throughout the Implementation Process has been incredibly streamlined and organized. As someone who truly values detail and attention – the organization and leadership Hovi has displayed in on-boarding us through the implementation process is much, much appreciated. Not only has Dany been attentive to our specific needs, but he has made sure to tailor his workflow to our business size and business needs. I truly look forward to a long term relationship with Hovi.”

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