The Beauty of Digital Strategy: Nu Yu MediSpa’s Triumph with Hovi Digital Lab”

Customer  Nu Yu Medispa

Products  Outreach + Inbound 

Industry   Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Explore the remarkable transformation of Nu Yu MediSpa, which achieved a 400% increase in web traffic and a 245% boost in ROI under Hovi Digital Lab’s expert guidance.


Nu Yu MediSpa represents a paradigm shift in the medico-aesthetic landscape, blending traditional medicine with advanced aesthetic practices to offer a unique, physician-directed personal enhancement experience. Unlike conventional medical spas that focus primarily on either aesthetic or health aspects, Nu Yu aims to add life to years, emphasizing a holistic approach to beauty, health, and well-being.

Located across Qatar, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UK, with an immediate focus on Qatar and Lebanon, the Medispa caters to a diverse clientele, offering a tailored journey towards self-improvement.

Qatar Website: redirects Qatar & GCC visitors

Lebanon Website: redirects Lebanon & international visitors

Their unique journey is designed with multiple milestones toward achieving a “New You”, which is a personalized enhancement of oneself, diverging from the one-stop, trend-based approaches of other centers. Nu Yu redefines the concept of a medical spa by integrating face, body, and mind rejuvenation into its services, addressing not only physical appearance but also mental well-being. Through its commitment to quality, expertise, and personalized care, Nu Yu emerges as a pioneer in the industry, leveraging the latest techniques, technologies, and FDA-approved products to meet individual aesthetic aspirations.

Nu Yu’s Challenges

  • Modernization and UX improvement needed for the current website
  • Increase in website traffic required
  • Enhancements in website functionality and technical aspects to boost conversions
  • Integration of a comprehensive tech stack necessary
  • Resolution of the blacklisted domain issue
  • Accessibility and affordability of advanced treatments using the latest FDA-approved technology
  • Expansion of brand positioning and services to include a broader audience beyond just females
  • Development of engaging marketing materials
  • Introduction of e-commerce capabilities for skincare products and essential skincare bundles

Some of Hovi’s Objectives for Nu Yu MediSpa:

  • Implement a fully integrated technology stack to enhance operational efficiency and user experience.
  • Increase the number of website visitors and improve engagement rates for both new and returning users.
  • Expand market reach by creating budget-friendly packages for men, aligning with market trends and broadening target demographics.
  • List Nu Yu on B2C marketplaces specializing in Spa & Laser Clinic services to boost brand awareness and clinic sales.
  • Drive more physical and online traffic through B2B partnerships, aiming to increase repeat customer visits.
  • Launch cost-effective marketing and lead generation campaigns to scale brand awareness and customer acquisition.
  • Enhance the Average Order Value (AOV) and number of orders on the website for skincare products.
  • Offer skincare product bundles as an appealing option for customers, aiming for higher profitability through repeat purchases.
  • Collaborate with influencers to create authentic before-and-after videos showcasing instant results, enriching marketing collateral with engaging content.

How we did it: Our Solutions

Building on our foundational efforts to elevate Nu Yu’s digital presence and expand its reach, Hovi’s next steps involved deepening engagement and solidifying the brand’s position in a competitive market.


Expanding further on our inbound strategy for Nu Yu MediSpa, the meticulous enhancement of the website’s infrastructure and content was a pivotal aspect of drawing in and retaining a diverse clientele. Recognizing the website as the cornerstone of Nu Yu’s digital identity, Hovi focused on elevating every aspect of the online experience. Beyond the integration of user-friendly features, we embarked on a journey to enrich the website with high-quality, informative content. This included detailed descriptions of treatments and technologies, blog posts on skincare health, and customer testimonials, all designed to educate and engage visitors.

To further improve the user journey, we leveraged advanced analytics to understand how visitors interacted with the site, enabling us to tailor the layout and content to meet their needs and preferences. This data-driven approach helped in identifying the most popular services and information, which we then highlighted to increase visibility and ease of access.

Accessibility and speed were also major focuses. We ensured the website was optimized for all devices, acknowledging the growing trend of mobile usage. Fast loading times and easy navigation became hallmarks of Nu Yu’s online presence, significantly enhancing user satisfaction and reducing bounce rates.

Another crucial element was SEO optimization. By carefully selecting keywords and phrases related to Nu Yu’s services and integrating them into the website’s content, we improved the site’s search engine ranking, making it easier for potential clients to find Nu Yu online. This approach was complemented by local SEO strategies to attract clients within the surrounding areas, crucial for a business where in-person visits are essential.

Social media integration played a significant role in our inbound strategy as well. By linking Nu Yu’s social media feeds directly to the website, we created a dynamic and interactive experience, encouraging users to engage with the brand across multiple platforms. This not only helped in building a stronger online community but also drove traffic from social media to the website, further boosting engagement rates.

Through these comprehensive inbound efforts, Hovi significantly elevated Nu Yu’s online presence, creating a digital environment that was not only welcoming and informative but also highly conducive to conversion. This strategic focus on enhancing the website’s appeal and functionality served as a critical driver in attracting a broader audience, ultimately contributing to Nu Yu’s growth and success in the competitive wellness and skincare market.


In enhancing Nu Yu’s outreach efforts, Hovi adopted a holistic and dynamic approach that went beyond traditional marketing tactics to engage with a broader audience and build meaningful relationships. Understanding the importance of visibility and engagement in driving business growth, we embarked on a multi-faceted outreach campaign that leveraged digital channels to maximize reach and impact.

Central to our outreach strategy was the development of a strong, cohesive brand message that resonated across all platforms. We carefully crafted marketing materials that communicated Nu Yu’s commitment to quality and innovation in skincare, ensuring consistency in messaging whether it was online ads, social media, or print materials. This unified brand voice helped in reinforcing Nu Yu’s market position as a leader in advanced skincare solutions.

To broaden Nu Yu’s audience, we strategically started selecting individuals who align with Nu Yu’s target demographics and brand values. This not only increased Nu Yu’s visibility among potential clients but also provided an additional channel for direct sales, contributing significantly to revenue growth.

Recognizing the power of partnerships, we actively sought out and established collaborations with complementary businesses and influencers. These partnerships were not just about expanding reach; they were about creating shared value, offering exclusive deals, and content that benefited both partners and consumers. Influencer collaborations, in particular, were curated to ensure authenticity and alignment with Nu Yu’s ethos, resulting in engaging content that showcased real results and experiences, driving both interest and trust in Nu Yu’s offerings.

Lastly, Hovi implemented targeted digital advertising campaigns, using data analytics to identify and reach potential customers with high precision. By analyzing customer behavior and preferences, we were able to tailor our advertising messages and offers, ensuring that they spoke directly to the needs and interests of different segments of the audience. This targeted approach not only increased the efficiency of our advertising spend but also significantly boosted conversion rates.

Through these diversified outreach strategies, Hovi successfully enhanced Nu Yu’s market presence and brand recognition, driving both online and offline traffic and contributing to the brand’s overall growth and success in the competitive wellness and skincare industry.



  • Organic ranking: 1st page on multiple non-branded & branded keywords
  • Achieved DA Score of 18 within 6 months. A significant jump, showcasing effective SEO strategies, quality backlink acquisition, and enhanced site credibility.
  • Achieved 2,415% increase in the no. of leads & 133% increase in no. of online appointment booking
  • Promote bridal services during the bridal season & create a bride giveaway/ competition to promote through organic social + a campaign to collect bride leads & retarget them through the bridal services campaign
  • Onboarding new B2B partnerships, Companies consisting of 200 – 500+ employees across different industries
  • Implemented cost-effective affiliate marketing initiatives for brand awareness & lead-gen
  • Implementing essential product bundles for day skincare, night skincare bundle, etc as every customer utilizes a sunscreen, face moisturizer & body moisturizer
  • A fully integrated tech stack and visibility over everything


  • 245%+ increase in marketing spending ROI

Eline Nehme | Consultant, Business Development

“I must say, working with HOVI has been an absolute game-changer for us! They’ve taken professionalism to a whole new level.
Their methodical approach to our project left no stone unturned, and their customer success team seamlessly became an indispensable part of our extended team; they not only embraced our challenges but also made them their own. It’s almost as if they had the superpower to anticipate what we wanted before we even articulated it.
As for the ongoing result, well, it’s nothing short of impressive. Our website is a work of art in progress, continually evolving and improving. HOVI’s performance speaks for itself, and it’s a testament to their commitment to excellence.
In a world where digital presence is everything, HOVI is the secret weapon you need. They’re not just an agency; they’re your strategic partner in success”

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