Waseel Achieves 500% ROI on Budget Spent vs. Profits

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Join us in exploring the remarkable journey of Waseel, a leader in healthcare technology, which, with the strategic guidance of Hovi Digital Lab, achieved an astounding 354% increase in ROI. This story shows how smart digital strategies, carefully designed for the Saudi Market, can lead to great success.


Since its inception in 2003, Waseel has been a shining example of innovation in healthcare technology solutions in Saudi Arabia. As leaders in the industry, they have established strong collaborations and partnerships with premier insurance companies, healthcare providers, and regulators. Waseel’s 2030 vision is to pioneer the transformation of health ecosystems in the Middle East, they have cemented their position at the forefront of the industry. Seeking a partner to drive their digital marketing and transformation journey, Waseel has chosen Hovi for this pivotal role.

Waseel is driven by a pioneering vision to transform health ecosystems across the Middle East, and their achievements have positioned them at the industry’s vanguard. Their mission is clear: to earn the distinction as the most trusted health technology partner, unveiling groundbreaking solutions rooted in the best evidence-based practices. Their comprehensive and versatile suite of healthcare software serves a wide array of clients, from providers to insurance companies and patients, They want to change the way healthcare is done in Saudi Arabia and empower providers to deliver a 100% patient centric experience.
Through steadfast dedication to innovation and efficiency, Waseel ASP has garnered the trust of over 5,000 healthcare providers and 18 top-tier insurance companies across Saudi Arabia, empowering them to optimize operations, enhance the patient experience, and catalyze growth.

As they embarked on a journey of rebranding, Waseel chose us as their trusted partner to guide them into the future and establish a distinguished digital presence, further solidifying their role as a leader in health technology.

Waseel’s Challenges

  • Transformation Challenge: With a long-standing history, they needed to modernize and streamline for a digital era, moving away from outdated practice to launch its new identity effectively.
  • Lack of Online Presence: Minimal digital footprint, missing vital online engagement and market reach.
  • Disorganized Data Management: Data was scattered and uncentralized, leading to operational inefficiencies.
  • Undefined Sales Processes: Lack of structured sales methodologies, affecting scalability and market responsiveness.
  • Limited Visibility in Reporting: Inadequate reporting capabilities, resulting in poor insight into business operations and performance
  • Transformative Challenge
  • Lack of Online Presence
  • Disorganized Data Management
  • Undefined Sales Process
  • Limited Visibility in Reporting

Some of Hovi’s Objectives for Waseel:


  • SMarketing Strategy Alignment: Synchronize Sales and Marketing efforts for a cohesive strategy that maximizes overall performance.
  • Sales Process Audit: Thoroughly examine existing sales processes to identify and resolve any bottlenecks.
  • Develop Sales Strategy: Formulate a detailed strategy with streamlined processes aimed at increasing conversions and revenue.
  • Reporting Structure Implementation: Establish a comprehensive reporting system for full a 360 visibility over team activities and performance metrics.
  • Sales Flashcards and Scripts: Design effective sales tools, including flashcards and scripts, to enhance sales interactions and pitches.
  • BDR Training: Provide specialized training for Business Development Representatives on their specific processes and roles..
  • AE Training: Tailor training for Account Executives, focusing on their unique responsibilities and workflow.
  • CRM Implementation: Set up and customize the Customer Relationship Management system to streamline client interactions and data management.
  • Transition to MRR Model: Shift the business model to Monthly Recurring Revenue to stabilize income and predict financial growth.
  • System Integration: Integrate the ticketing system and accounting tool into the CRM for centralized data management and efficiency.


  • State-of-the-Art Website Development: Construct a modern website that showcases Waseel’s pioneering role in healthcare technology.
  • Omnichannel Marketing Strategy: Develop a comprehensive omnichannel strategy to enhance online presence, drive conversions, and position Waseel as a thought leader in the healthcare sector.
  • Product Strategy and Market Approach: Formulate a detailed strategy and tailored go-to-market plans for each of Waseel’s products and solutions.
  • SEO Domination: Implement advanced SEO techniques to significantly improve online visibility and search engine ranking.
  • CPA Reduction: Strategically lower Cost Per Acquisition through optimized marketing tactics and efficient spending.
  • LTV Increase: Enhance Lifetime Value of customers by implementing strategies focused on long-term engagement and value creation.
  • ROI Enhancement: Boost Return on Investment through targeted, effective marketing strategies and performance optimization.
  • Online Community Growth: Expand and engage Waseel’s online community, establishing a robust digital presence and fostering customer loyalty.

    How we did it: Our Solutions

    Sale Enablement

    As part of our growth strategy, we’re recruiting additional sales representatives and addressing several challenges. The sales processes at Waseel lack clarity and conciseness, affecting consistency and understanding across the team. Additionally, there’s a notable absence of comprehensive foundational documentation, leaving our team without essential reference material. Our CRM system was also under-optimized, leading to visibility and productivity issues.

    To navigate these challenges and lay the groundwork for a structured future, Waseel has set specific goals to embrace a predictive revenue model. This model will provide a comprehensive overview of our sales pipeline and lifecycle. We are also planning a strategic reorganization within our sales team, introducing distinct roles such as Business Development Representatives (BDRs) and Account Executives (AEs) to refine our operations and boost conversion rates. Adopting exemplary B2B sales practices is crucial in our pursuit of excellence.

    Our immediate focus is on developing a streamlined, well-documented, and user-friendly sales process to ensure smooth adoption by the team. We have equipped our team with advanced tools like HubSpot and integrated various sales enablement tools, including Ziwo (Aswat, Netsuite, Freshdesk, among others). These tools are designed to enhance overall visibility through the CRM, streamline operations, and improve communication and productivity.

    Recently, Waseel onboarded a new Pre-sales team (BDRs), a fresh addition as we previously did not have such a team. We recruited young talents and, together with the leadership team, developed and implemented an effective onboarding and training process for these BDRs. Meanwhile, the existing Sales team (AEs) underwent a comprehensive overhaul. In collaboration with the Sales Director, we analyzed the current situation and developed a world-class sales process. This initiative not only empowered the team but also provided us with detailed insights into every facet of the sales lifecycle.

    As part of our strategic improvements, we set up HubSpot as our CRM and migrated all existing data. We enhanced the sales process by splitting the sales team into BDRs and AEs, thereby increasing efficiency in deal follow-ups. Weekly trainings with the sales team, including pipeline reviews and roleplays, have been established to continuously improve performance. Additionally, we integrated the CRM with our ticketing system, accounting system, website, telephony tool, and contract generation tool. These integrations have generated reports that offer leadership good visibility on the overall progress of deals, team performance, and forecasts for upcoming months.

    Through these efforts, Waseel is poised to optimize its sales operations, ensuring a structured and efficient approach to achieving our growth objectives.

    Inbound Solution

    In line with the launch of their new brand and updated guidelines, Waseel recognized the necessity of a state-of-the-art website to drive the brand forward. The existing website was outdated, failing to reflect the new brand identity and lacking the modern aesthetic and functionality required to engage today’s users. Additionally, there was a noticeable lack of SEO presence, significantly hindering online discoverability and making it difficult for potential clients to find Waseel. The website also struggled with low conversions, indicating ineffective lead generation through digital channels.

    To address these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy. A clear and targeted SEO plan was essential, focused on ranking for crucial keywords in both Arabic and English, to significantly boost online visibility. Transforming the website into a lead generation powerhouse was another key objective. This involved integrating valuable resources like product brochures, implementing lead magnets, and strategically placing Calls to Action (CTAs) to engage visitors effectively. Enhancing user interaction was also a priority, achieved by adding more touchpoints and enriching product pages with detailed information.
    Our collaborative efforts with the Waseel team extended to organizing and promoting workshops and webinars. These initiatives not only bolstered our position as market leaders in the healthcare industry but also augmented our digital outreach. The implementation of a strategic blog strategy played a pivotal role in this endeavor, contributing significantly to our overarching goals of brand advancement and market leadership.

    As a result of these efforts, Waseel’s website now boasts a modern look and feel that fits current industry needs. Monthly visitors increased by 400%, from 2,000 to 10,000 visitors per month. The number of keywords that Waseel ranks for surged by 900%, from 100 to 1,000 keywords, significantly improving overall domain authority. Furthermore, we maintained a core web vital score of 90+ to ensure the website is Google-friendly, providing a seamless and engaging user experience.

    Outbound Solution

    In our strategy to engage new prospects and capitalize on upsells, we leveraged our considerable market share through a multi-faceted approach. This strategy addressed several key challenges and deployed a mix of personalized outreach and targeted campaigns.

    Enhancing Waseel’s online presence was a primary objective, aimed at better reaching and engaging with potential clients. Developing detailed buyer personas and a well-defined go-to-market strategy was also crucial. Additionally, establishing a robust content strategy required the creation of resources rooted in a solid, strategic foundation.

    Our strategies blended persona-based outreach and targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns. The persona-based outreach encompassed email marketing, WhatsApp, LinkedIn ads, and Google ads, targeting healthcare providers across multiple channels and touchpoints to convert them into prospects. This multi-channel, multi-touchpoint campaign was designed to maximize reach and impact.

    For upselling, our ABM strategy involved segmenting existing clients and crafting personalized, hyper-targeted sales sequences. This tailored approach was intended to convert and upsell various solutions, demonstrating an understanding of each client’s unique needs and preferences.

    To date, we have executed over five to six sales sequences and three persona-based outreach campaigns. In terms of advertising, we are running both product-focused and brand-focused ads. The latter plays a crucial role in promoting Waseel’s brand positioning and image, reinforcing our standing in the market.


    • Implemented Waseel’s first newsletter that is sent monthly to their customers
    • Ran cross selling campaigns to existing clients and were able to cross sell to at least 10 clients per email sequence
    • Ran retargeting campaigns for products that had succesful open rates of over 50%. Generating at least 5 leads per campaign
    • Ran Paid Ad campaigns that lead to the generation of around 30 converted lead per month.
    • Spending was $2,000 dollars and the revenues generated were on average $11,900
    • Raised awareness to their new products making sure that they are positioned correctly in the Saudi market


    • ROI of the budget spent vs profits is 500%.
    Ali Al Jadar | Chief Business Officer

    “Hovi Digital Lab uniquely combines a modern business understanding with steadfast values. Their exceptional performance is fueled by a remarkable agility in adapting to the Saudi market. They expertly blend global expertise with local insights, setting them apart with sophisticated, culturally-tuned solutions. Hovi Digital Lab is more than just an industry leader; they are pioneers, delivering exceptional value in a dynamic business landscape.”

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