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7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Your Real Estate Marketing
Joanne Nassar
March 29, 2020
Joanne is one of our Customer Success Managers focused on helping our clients reach their goals and deliver sales right into their pipeline. She's a big fan of extreme sports and has skydiving at the top of her bucket list.

Real estate marketing can feel incredibly overwhelming on the easiest of days. Some people choose to go old school with their campaign choices with traditional marketing, where other real estate agencies choose to spend some of their marketing budgets on digital services such as SEO solution and PPC campaigns and much more.

Either way, it can feel like a big deal to put together a real estate marketing campaign. As a real estate agent, your main focus is to get the clients who view your properties to buy them. That’s your sole goal, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn some exceptional marketing tactics along the way.

You won’t spend all day long getting a degree in marketing to do it, but you should consider the fact that you are selling houses. Sales require you to have some know-how of your target audience and how to get their attention.

You want to generate new leads without spending time making mistakes with your real estate marketing, which could cost you in the long run.

With this in mind, you need to take some time to read through our list of 7 real estate marketing mistakes that you could be making, costing you your sales!

1- Don’t Rely only On PR

As someone involved in real estate marketing, you should realize that there is so much more to it than the PR you have for each home for sale. In today’s market, prospecting is much easier using social media.

Everyone has social media, and you can guarantee that they will search for you there before they do anything else. Customers trust what they see on social media, and you can build a relationship and a rapport with them there before they view a property.

Building trust is crucial if you want to make that sale, and social media makes that so much easier for you.

2- Build A Real Estate Marketing Database

It’s important for you as a real estate agent to get as much information about your customers as possible. This means that you can market properties that they are looking for directly to them.

Whenever you speak to a potential new customer, taking their information is going to help you to build an efficient and up to date system. Today, there are plenty of choices in the market, all what you need is to choose an efficient CRM which suit your operation example Hubspot platform. You can use Hubspot to build forms, create prospects lists, building a database for sales logging calls, taking meetings.

You will be able to build a relationship using a customer relation management system, and when properties of interest come in, you can get in touch with the customer immediately.

This kind of attention and care matters to a customer and all it took was inquiring about their information. Without that information, your data would be defunct, and you’d find real estate marketing much harder.

3- Allocate Your Real Estate Marketing Budget

When you set your real estate marketing budget, you should ensure that it’s not less than 6% of the total sales revenue that you make. During times of recession, the marketing budget that you set may go up as you will be plugging your business and your properties much more.

When you have the right budget, you can afford to do this even during those times of financial difficulty. When you allocate the right budget, you can get more targeted campaigns out there and attract the right customers, which should be a priority for you if you want your marketing strategy to work.

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4- Build A Brand with Your Real Estate Marketing

Whether you are an experienced real estate agent who has previously had real estate marketing experience, you need to work on building your brand. This is especially true if you are an experienced real estate agent.

If you make sure that you have a brand, people will know who to trust. This does take some work, and laying a solid foundation for your business is essential to be able to build a rapport with customers and gain their loyalty. Your brand should be one that people can trust when they are on the hunt for a new real estate agent.

Real estate marketing is founded on building good relationships and getting to know more about your customers. When you create a brand from the ground up, you’re going to gain respect from those who want your help.

5- Never Rely On Listing Sites

You can’t ever sit on your laurels and allow a listing website to do the work. You have to put the effort in yourself, getting in touch with those who could be interested in the properties that you have available and building interest that way.

If you just post on listing sites, you’re not engaging with people properly, and engagement is essential for building those relationships. Leaving properties on listing websites is a lazy way of marketing, and it’s not going to further your brand in any way.

6- Deliver Engaged Content To Your Audience

Expanding from the point above, you should ensure that the content that you have on social media and on your website is engaging. Without the right content, people will be bored with you and what you are offering, and they won’t bother to try to engage with you.

You can engage people with the right imagery, and when you photograph your day to day work, you can show your value proposition. To truly engage your customers, you need to also think about starting a blog.

This puts into your own words what you are doing and how you can help, and a blog gives your business a personality and a little heart! Showing who you are is going to draw people in, and content can assist you with this.

7- Don’t Do It All Yourself

If you are going to go into real estate marketing, you need some help! You shouldn’t try to do everything yourself, and if you can build a team of people who can work alongside you to deliver the right content and the right website, you won’t have to.

Doing it all by yourself is going to take a toll, and you need to be as bright and breezy as possible to maintain those relationships with your prospective customers. If you’re looking for help, feel free to reach out to us!

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