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11 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips
Bob Sabra
February 6, 2020
The Big Cheese at Hovi, Bob wants to evolve the digital marketing landscape and drive sales for his clients. He's a big MMA fan and spoils himself with some homemade carbonara when he can. Always at the forefront, he'll guide you through the digital landscape.

Social media and real estate are two worlds that already collided. Home shoppers are using YouTube to look at houses and house hunters are using hashtags to look for properties on social media. 

It’s only natural that real estate businesses flock to wherever their clients are looking, which is why you need to prioritize building your social media presence to get more leads.

Seeing as how many other companies are competing for your customers, though, how can you stand out? Take a look at our top 11 real estate social media marketing tips.

1. Optimize Your Profile Page

It may surprise you, but many real estate social media pages forget to complete this part of signing up. While social media is a great way to connect with potential buyers, you have to help them connect with you, too.

Make sure all your details are on your profile page. List your email address and other contact details, address, your URL, and your photo or logo. You may also list your services; this will allow your visitors to understand what you’re offering.

2. Maximize the Purpose of Each Platform

The right social media for real estate businesses depends on where the customers are. Whichever platform they choose, though, they should maximize its main purpose.

On Instagram, it’s better to post nice pictures of houses and use the Stories feature. On Facebook, you can keep your followers updated with the latest news, events, and such. On YouTube, post videos of a house tour.

The key to a better real estate social media marketing strategy is to use each social media for its main purpose. 


3. Post About Your Neighborhood

Posting about your neighborhood is a good way to introduce it to potential buyers. Posting about interesting spots in the town or new developments in the area can give your clients a richer understanding of the place. Not only that, but it also shows your knowledge about the community where you’re selling.

Bonus points if the town or the city has a profile, as well. You can tag them and increase your potential of reaching more people.

4. Post Your Listings

While you should keep your posts about your listings to a minimum, how else can you take advantage of your following in social media but by making your listings known to everyone?

However, you should do it in a way that will still engage your followers. Add a little snippet of information about the town the house is in, tell the audience the interesting points of the home, and don’t forget to put the important details like the number of bedrooms and so on.

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5. Use the Social Media Features to Feature Your Houses

Want to reach more audience and keep them engaged? Use the Stories feature on Instagram or the Live feature on Facebook.

You can use both to showcase the house you’re selling. Take them on a virtual inside; make sure to talk so you can give more information as you go through the house.

Both features also allow users to engage with you directly. With the Live feature, you can view the comments as they come and respond to them right away.

6. Use Geo-Targeted Ads

Most, if not all, social media platforms allow you to target a specific group of people for your ads. You may target only the 30 to 50-year-old crowd in New York, for example.

This allows you to reach only the people who are likely to engage with you and use your services.

7. Use Real Estate Hashtags

Brands benefit from using a dozen hashtag to get more likes and engagements. The reason this strategy is rampant is that it works. To make it even more successful, use a mix of branded and generic hashtags.

Branded hashtags are those only your brand uses, like #MyRealEstateTips or #MyRealEstateListings. These are also what your followers can use if they make a post about you.

Generic hashtags are something like #RealEstate, #NewYork, #ForSale, and so on. These aren’t unique to you, which makes them great for reaching more people. If people search for these hashtags, they might see your content even if they’re not following you.

8. Post Testimonials from Your Clients

Social proof is such a powerful thing; it’s one of the main drivers in a purchasing decision. Did you know that around 90% of consumers look at a product review first before buying? 

This is why you need social proof your service is great. Try to compile what your clients are saying about you. If you spot a review on social media, ask the owner if you can repost (or retweet) it so others can see it, too. If possible, post the review as an image.

9. Post Images and Videos

Images and videos get more engagements on social media than posts. Videos outshine images, though – 83% of consumers are likely to share it with their friends. 

However, videos are more expensive and time-consuming to produce. While your videos are in production, post images instead. Like we’ve suggested earlier, post the review as an image by using a nice background and choosing a good font.

10. Educate Your Followers

People on social media like facts and interesting things to know. Give them a daily or weekly dose of real estate facts (in image or video form).

You can share helpful content like buying tips for first-time buyers or real estate marketing tips for fellow agents. For articles, direct your users to your blog, where they have a chance to interact with your website further

11. Schedule Your Content

You can stay on top of your social media game by scheduling content in advance. Use a day planning your whole content for a week so you don’t have to worry about what to post every day. This is also a good way to not forget to post and keep the account active.

Improve Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategy

Developing your real estate social media marketing strategy takes a lot of experimentation. Instead of learning only from your mistakes, though, why not learn from others’ mistakes, too?

It doesn’t stop here! Learn the top horrible mistakes you can make with real estate marketing and more from our other guides today. If you don’t have time, look for a digital marketing company that offers a real estate digital marketing services to turn out your campaign successfully.

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